League Of Legends Has More Players Than Steam's Top 10 Games Combined

League Legends 8 Million Concurrent Players

League of Legends has more peak concurrent daily players than Steam's top 10 games combined, according to a new report released by Riot Games to celebrate the game's 10th anniversary. Those anniversary celebrations will include looks back at the company's favorite League of Legends moments and more news about the future in a livestream on October 15 called 10th Anniversary Edition Riot Pls, with many fans curious to hear about both League and Teamfight Tactics, the auto chess spin-off that has been a dominant presence in esports and on Twitch since its release.

League of Legends is, by most accounts, the most popular PC esport in the world, and it has maintained that status despite reaching a decade in age and having much newer competitors to fend off. While multi-platform games like Fortnite have become ubiquitous in the gaming scene thanks in part to their broad reach across almost every demographic, however, League of Legends has established its dominance on just one platform: PC. With rumors of a mobile League of Legends on the horizon and the incredibly popular Teamfight Tactics seeming like a great port to other platforms as well, it's fair to say Riot Games may have even better numbers to report the next time it releases that sort of data.

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For now, though, League of Legends has cemented itself as the biggest PC game in the entire world, a fact that seems impossible to dispute so long as Riot's numbers are even mostly accurate. That announcement came alongside the reveal that League of Legends is getting a new logo to freshen up its appearance. As of this writing, League of Legends' concurrent player average's daily peak of 8 million competitors would place it well above the top 10 games on Steam - in fact, so far that it would more than triple those numbers, though it's worth noting that Steam's total peak varies wildly depending on what's happening on a given day, so it's safer to state that League simply surpasses them rather than making specific claims about how big the gap actually is.

Steam Top Concurrent Players Sept 17

It's also worth noting that League of Legends' numbers might be getting inflated by Teamfight Tactics somewhat, since the game is an extension of League, but even then, that seems fair play - it's a spin-off that's based closely on the game and feels more like a feature of it rather than its own standalone title (though that may be coming soon, based on its popularity). Either way, it's clear evidence that Riot Games has its finger on the pulse as far as esports and game popularity are concerned, which should make the tantalizing Riot Games fighting title that's in development even more alluring to fans.

There's plenty more to come from Riot for the League of Legends tenth anniversary celebrations, with a lot riding on an October 15 livestream that could finally see the mobile version officially announced. Either way, it's a resounding victory for League of Legends, a game that has survived ten years of scrutiny, patches, and competitors to emerge unscathed at the top of the PC gaming mountain.

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Source: Riot Games

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