10Stabler Wouldn’t Quit Without Saying Goodbye To Olivia

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Fans are still livid over the way Chris Meloni was fired from SVU and how his character was subsequently written out of the show — and for good reason.

The season before the actor left, Stabler accidentally shot a teenager, which left him understandably shaken. But then the next season begins

with Cragen telling Olivia it was too much for Stabler and that he’s resigned from the unit. Olivia couldn’t understand how Stabler hadn’t said goodbye to her, and neither could the fans.

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Stabler and Benson had seasons worth of chemistry between the two of them, and some fans were convinced they’d eventually end up together. So, it was definitely out of character that Stabler wouldn’t even tell Olivia goodbye. It’s also ridiculous how easy it appeared for Liv to get over him, despite him being her partner for over a decade.

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