Lauren & Josiah Duggar Tried Conceiving Firstborn ‘for Quite a While’ Following Miscarriage

Counting On: Josiah and Lauren Duggar revealed that they tried to conceive their rainbow baby, Bella, 'for quite a while' following their miscarriage.

Lauren Duggar and Josiah Duggar Counting On

Stars of Counting On, Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson Duggar, just welcomed their first baby, Bella Milagro. After suffering a heartbreaking miscarriage, the new parents revealed that they tried to conceive their rainbow baby "for quite a while." 

Lauren was seen on the Duggar family's reality TV show, 19 Kids and Counting back in 2010 for one episode when the Swanson family, who had eight children of their own, visited the Duggars. The families knew one and other and that's how Lauren and Josiah became acquainted. In December 2017, Josiah asked Lauren if she wanted to enter a courtship and the two were married by June of 2018. In February 2019, the couple announced the heartbreaking news that they had miscarried their first child back in October the previous year. The couple then revealed in May 2019 that they would be expecting their rainbow baby. After a long and difficult labor, Lauren gave birth to Bella Milagro Dugger, who's name means "beautiful miracle." 

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In a sneak preview clip (via Us Weekly) of a scene from an upcoming episode of Counting On, Josiah and Lauren tell their family that they are expecting their miracle baby. In the clip, the Duggar family and their separate families are together for one big camping trip where everyone is sitting around a campsite eating hotdogs. Josiah tells his family, "we're expecting," and Josiah's parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, give the couple big hugs and congratulate them. Lauren is seen speaking to the camera about the difficulties they faced trying to conceive their little one. The 20-year-old said in a confessional during the clip, "We had been trying for quite a while after the miscarriage, and when we found out we were expecting, literally we were shocked." 

Josiah and Lauren Duggar Counting On

After losing their baby back in October 2018, the pregnancy came as a huge surprise to the young couple. She explained, "I couldn’t believe it and just cried. We were scared, but life is very precious and we are so thankful for this. We may be a little nervous at times, but we’re just going to be grateful." At the time, Josiah's brother Joseph and his wife Kendra, gave their announcement that they would be expecting their first child. Lauren revealed that their baby's due date is just a week and a half after Kendra was set to give birth. Kendra spoke in the confessional about Lauren and Josiah's pregnancy news, saying, "Finding out that Lauren was expecting … [and] her due date was only a week and a half after mine was super exciting." She explained that since Lauren's miscarriage, it was difficult for Kendra to be happy about her own pregnancy knowing that they were "really hoping for a baby." She continued, "So to find out they were pregnant too just really made me feel better."

Even though was a long and difficult journey for these young parents to finally conceive again after their heartbreaking miscarriage, they never gave up hope that they would have a baby of their own. This month, the Duggar family grew as Kendra gave birth to her daughter just eight days before Lauren gave birth to her baby girl. Fans can continue to watch more Counting On to see more of these young couple's journies.

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