What Laura Prepon Has Done Since That ‘70s Show Ended

Laura Prepon in That '70s Show and Orange is the New Black

Actress Laura Prepon made a name for herself by portraying Donna Pinciotti on That '70s Show, but that wasn't her last notable performance. Prepon appeared in all 200 episodes of the sitcom before it concluded after eight seasons in 2006. After high school, Prepon studied drama in New York City before acquiring roles in small projects. Her big break came in 1998 when she got the role of Donna for That '70s Show.

During Prepon's work on That '70s Show for the better part of a decade, she subsequently appeared in a number of other projects. In 2001, the actress made her feature film debut with the indie film Southlander. In the years that followed, Prepon also worked on Slackers, Lightning Bug, Karla, and Come Early Morning. As for TV shows, Prepon lent her voice for episodes of King of the Hill and American Dad! while still working on That '70s Show.

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Following the end of That '70s Show, Prepon split her time behind movies and TV series. Between 2007 and 2017, the actress worked on a number of films including The Chosen One, Lay the Favorite, The Kitchen, The Girl on the Train, and The Hero. Following the long-running Fox sitcom ending in 2006, Prepon returned to TV the next year to star in the ABC drama October Road. The series was cancelled after one season but Prepon continued working on various shows including How I Met Your Mother, Medium, House, Castle, and Love Bites. She also acquired the lead role in 2012's Are You There, Chelsea?, but the series only lasted one season.

In 2013, Prepon was cast as Alex Vause in the Netflix original series Orange is the New Black. The series, based on the memoir by Piper Kerman, ran for seven seasons before it came to an end in late July 2019. Alex was the fellow inmate and lover of the main character, Piper Chapman. Orange is the New Black received a number of accolades during its run including Golden Globes and Emmys. Prepon appeared in 82 out of the 91 total episodes and notably directed three episodes within the series.

As of now, the former That '70s Show star doesn't have any publicly announced upcoming projects. Considering she recently came off of a long-term gig with Orange Is the New Black, it makes sense that she would want to take a much-deserved break to refocus on her own creative projects. Prepon also gave birth to her first child in 2017 with her husband Ben Foster, so it's possible that she wanted to take time to spend with her family. Prepon should surely return to the entertainment industry in the near future, but whether that is in front of the camera or in the director's chair will remain to be seen.

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