Latest Indy 4 Video: Trust Us

There's a new video over at the Indiana Jones website that shows absolutely no new footage (at least that I could see). They're calling it "Reuniting The Family" but I think it should be called "Hey, we're the same people who did all the others so this one will be good too, trust us!"

I realize you've got to keep your movie out in front of the public, but with a name like Indiana Jones, do you really need to release something like this. The big-time fans of the first three will show up for this fourth film without this sort of publicity, so who is the target audience for this?

I think the reason behind this sort of "feel good" video is that they are working hard to dispel the idea that this is just another attempt to cash in once more on this franchise. They want to convince the public that they're doing it more out of love for the characters and for the fans. That may turn out to be true, but with as jaded as audiences are today towards Hollywood's movie machine, maybe they're right and they do need to convince us.

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