Late Show With Stephen Colbert to Host Live Midterm Elections Episode

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert will air a special live broadcast of the U.S. midterm elections in November. Colbert is well known for the political beliefs he puts on full display during his show; however, his career started humbly in the improv world. He was best known as Steve Carell's understudy at Second City in Chicago before landing a role, beside Carell, on The Dana Carvey Show.

After that show's disastrous first season and prompt cancellation, Colbert went on to work as a correspondent on The Daily ShowThis was when his comedy trended political; he eventually started to parody the GOP (an abbreviation for the U.S. Republican party; or Grand Old Party) using an alternate persona on The Colbert Report. Upon David Letterman's retirement from The Late Show, Colbert seemed the perfect fit to take his place hosting the CBS late-night talk show. And now, instead of waiting until the next day to discuss the midterm elections, Colbert is looking to treat his daily talk show more like a news broadcast in a special episode.

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Deadine reports Colbert intends to host a special live broadcast of The Late Show on November 6 - the night of the U.S. midterm elections. Colbert, whose show is generally filled with a roundup of the president's latest pitfalls, is most likely attempting to highlight the importance of the midterms in combating the current administration, as he's been known to do on a nightly basis.

This is not an unprecedented move for the talk show, as Colbert held live broadcasts during previous political events, such as the president's State of the Union Address this past January, for a two week time period in June 2016 for the Democratic and Republican conventions, and also the dramatic night of the 2016 election.

The Late Show host will undoubtedly provide his own political opinions during his midterm coverage, while perhaps bringing lightheartedness to the imperative day. This crucial election will surely be the subject of most news programs and comedy bits during the weeks leading and following November 6. The outcome will then be hotly contested by whatever political party doesn't come out of the election victorious - and whatever the reactions are will surely become fodder for Colbert's late night talk show, not to mention material for practically every other talk show on television, at least for some time after the election.

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Source: Deadline

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