The Last Witch Hunter Trailer #3 and New Posters

Vin Diesel will try to build on the success of franchises like Fast & Furious, Riddick and Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy when he stars in The Last Witch Hunter this fall. In the film Diesel plays Kaulder, fierce warrior in a line of medieval witch hunters, who achieves a great victory when he slays the Witch Queen. Unfortunately for Kaulder, his victory comes at a great price: the Witch Queen curses him with immortality, forcing him to watch friends and family wither away and die, as he lives on, unchanged.

In present day, Kaulder is a man with time and wealth in great supply, but totally lacks love and purpose. The latter changes when the Witch Queen is at long last resurrected by her remaining followers, forcing Kaulder into an uneasy alliance with a "good witch" (Roselie Leslie) and an inexperienced recruit sent by the Order of Axe and Cross (Elijah Wood). Needless to say, the unlikely trio has their work cut out for them as they head to face the Witch Queen, and finally wipe her from the earth.

Vin Diesel Last Witch Hunter

This 3rd trailer for The Last Witch Hunter shows off a lot more of the finished effects work behind director Breck Eisner's (The Crazies) vision for the film. If nothing else, the witches look like legitimately frightening and powerful figures - far less campy than, say, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, and generally more impressive than most of the witch movies we've seen in recent memory. Could witches be on the way to supplanting vamps and zombies? Ladies be taking over, these days!

As for Diesel; there seems to be enough mythology for Kaulder and the series to grow (provided this first installment does well), considering the different time periods we see him living in - and the general stretch of time he's been alive. Kaulder also seems... appropriate for Diesel's leading man style - namely able to look cool doing over-the-shoulder look-backs, low guttural grunts, and monotone one liners. And somehow, I'm not mad at that; even looking forward to this bonafide "Riddick V Witches."

The Last Witch Hunter Movie Poster - Vin Diesel_2

The Last Witch Hunter Movie Poster - Michael Caine

The Last Witch Hunter Movie Poster - Elijah Wood

The Last Witch Hunter Movie Poster - Rose Leslie

The Last Witch Hunter Movie Poster - Vin Diesel

The Last Witch Hunter will be in theaters on October 23rd.

Source: IGN & Coming Soon

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