'The Last Witch Hunter' Trailer & Poster Drip With Blood & Action

With superheroes dominating the summer movie scene, it only makes sense for monsters and supernatural beings to take over in the fall. Joining 20th Century Fox's Victor Frankenstein and Guillermo Del Toro's Crimson Peak, Summit Entertainment is bringing hell-bent witches to the big screen in The Last Witch Hunter.

Starring Vin Diesel as Kaldur, a lonely, immortal witch hunter - and apparently, the only surviving one - the film pits his character and a beautiful, good-hearted female witch against a hoard of New York City covens who want to destroy humanity using a horrific plague. The premise itself promises plenty of action, gore, and brooding menace. But the newly released teaser poster and trailer push the envelope even further - while setting the tone for a modern yet fantastical adventure previously hinted at.

Take a look at the poster below (click for a full version):

The Last Witch Hunter First Poster

The poster is arguably a bit darker than the trailer, and judging by its graphic nature, this film is definitely no Hocus Pocus. Rather, as implied by the tagline - 'Live Forever. Hunt Forever' - this is a story about one man's lifelong, gruesome, and ultimately tragic crusade to hunt. Whether the blood (?) coating the arm and sword in the poster belongs to Diesel's hunter or the hunted - or both - remains to be seen. However, it's safe to assume neither party will escape the forthcoming war unscathed.

Along with glimpses of a giant, otherworldly tree (the witches' lair, maybe?), Kaldur's weaponry, and the good-hearted witch who joins the fight against her own kind, the teaser trailer also provides a brief look at the movie's primary predators - or prey, depending on where you're standing. And considering what we saw, they will not be your average green-skinned cackling grannies; no, these are witches - and warlocks - with dangerous, unhinged power and an even more unhinged purpose.

This should come as no surprise, though, considering Witch Hunter's director, Breck Eisner, also helmed 2010's chillingly original horror, The Crazies (read our review). So the question becomes: will he bring a similar level of demented madness to this film's batch of wick, spellbinding 'crazies'?

Vin Diesel Last Witch Hunter

The bearded warlock who confronts Diesel's witch hunter - and breathes fire (?) - near the end of the trailer implies a slightly more sane and sinister take on the witches, but the potential for malevolent psychosis is still there. And while depicting witches as murderous psychopaths is not necessarily a new or novel concept, it would provide a much needed change of pace to the industry's recent trend of glamorizing them - or any supernatural creatures, for that matter.

That being said, we'll need to see another trailer to get a better sense of the movie's magical antagonists.

The Last Witch Hunter will hit U.S. theaters October 23, 2015.

Source: MTV News

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