'Last Vegas' Trailer: Old Men Behaving Badly

Kevin Kline, Morgan Freeman, Robert de Niro and Michael Douglas in Last Vegas

When Paddy (Robert De Niro), Sam (Kevin Kline) and Archie (Morgan Freeman), three friends who have been part of a tight-knit group since their childhood, find out that the fourth member of their gang, Billy (Michael Douglas) is finally getting married, they decide to throw him a wild bachelor party in Las Vegas... well, Archie can't "smoke, drink, eat salt or stay out past nine," but other than that it's going to be wild. The slightly ominously-titled new comedy Last Vegas looks like a sequel to The Hangover set thirty years in the future, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Last Vegas was directed by John Turteltaub (Cool Runnings, The Sorcerer's Apprentive) from a script co-written by Dan Fogelman (Crazy Stupid Love) and Adam Brooks (Wimbledon). Look closely at this new trailer for Last Vegas, and you'll also see what looks like a cameo by Redfoo from dance music duo LMFAO, getting a crowd of Las Vegas party-goers riled up for Billy's bachelor party.

Kevin Kline, Morgan Freeman, Robert de Niro and Michael Douglas in Last Vegas

The jokes are a little hit and miss, and there's a definite sense that a high percentage of them will be about the age of the main characters ("they haven't heard of 50 Cent because they're old" etc.), which may end up getting a bit tired. However, Last Vegas does have an excellent cast made up of movie legends, so the movie may be worth seeing for that factor alone. After all, the teaser trailer promised that Freeman will get to show off his dancing skills.

The cast was, at one point, supposed to feature Jack Nicholson as one of the four friends, but those negotiations apparently fell by the wayside at some point. It's quite a shame, but then again it wouldn't have been too much of a stretch for Nicholson to play a party animal.

Does this trailer make you want to see Last Vegas when it hits theaters, or does it look more like a rental?


Last Vegas will be landing in theaters on November 1st, 2013.

Source: Yahoo

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