Sony Is Hosting The Last of Us Part 2 Media Event This Month

Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive Entertainment are hosting a media only reveal event for The Last of Us Part 2 at the end of the month.

The Last of Us Part 2 Ellie Gameplay

It's been over a year since fans last saw The Last of Us Part II at E3 2018, and Sony is finally ready to reveal more about the game at a media event on September 24. The Last of Us Part II will put players in the role of Ellie years after the final chapter of the first game. The gameplay that was revealed at E3 2018 showcased a world that doesn't seem like it's changed much. Ellie has clearly grown up, but she's still dealing with brutal human enemies as well as the zombie-like infected.

The developers at Naughty Dog have kept their heads low since the release of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy in August 2017. Naughty Dog revealed The Last of Us Part II with a brief cinematic trailer at PlayStation Experience 2016. Since then, there's been only one trailer showcasing actual gameplay, and fan excitement has been mounting ever since. Another trailer was shown at Paris Games Week in 2017, which showcased a brutal cutscene that was rendered in-game. The first game was one of the late exclusives on the PS3, and it ended that generation with a bang, earning tremendous praise from fans and critics alike.

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Geoff Keighley, the creator of The Game Awards, tweeted out an image of the event invitation, confirming the event date. As of right now, nothing else is known about the event or if whatever is shown will be available to the public on the same date. Rumors have been circulating that The Last of Us Part II, like its predecessor, will close out the PS4 generation and release sometime next year before the PS5 reveal. According to reports, there was also gameplay revealed at Gamestop Expo last month.

While The Last of Us ended pretty conclusively in 2013, there was still one particular thing that was left unsaid between its main characters Joel and Ellie. Despite the three trailers, it's unclear what the motivations of Ellie or the supporting cast will be this time around. Joel, the main character of the first game, has been seen very little, leading to many fan theories about what's going on with the character.

The Last of Us Part II is easily one of Sony Interactive Entertainment's most anticipated titles of this console generation. The silence surrounding Sony this year has been tough, as the company skipped E3 2019 and doesn't have any press conference planned for this week's Tokyo Game Show. Sony is likely gearing up for a big 2020 with the reveal of the PS5. A release date for The Last of Us Part II would make next year even more exciting for PlayStation fans.

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Source: Geoff Keighley 

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