The Last Of Us 2's PlayStation Event May Not Be The Only One This Month

The Last Of Us 2 PlayStation Event More September

The Last of Us 2's PlayStation event might not be the only one the PS4 gets by the end of September, according to noted industry veteran Daniel "ZhugeEX" Ahmad, a senior industry analyst at Niko Partners. While The Last of Us 2 resurfacing finally after an extended time away from the spotlight will certainly get people talking, it's notable that Sony actually has several different exclusives lined up within the same timeframe as that game's release, and might be looking to market several of them at once before the console generation shifts to its next wave of devices in the PS5 and Project Scarlett.

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The event for The Last of Us 2 made headlines because the game skipped E3 2019 as part of Sony's larger decision to simply not attend the event at all, and it has been quite some time since fans had something juicy to sink their teeth into when it comes to information about Joel and Ellie's second adventure. The event will be held for media on September 24, and will inevitably produce some newer details about what will be one of 2020's biggest releases. September is already a huge month for PlayStation fans as well, with a 49-minute Death Stranding presentation lined up for Tokyo Game Show 2019 and several major details about FF7 Remake getting unveiled in a new trailer earlier today.

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According to Ahmad, however, fans will have even more to look forward to - they just won't know what. The analyst cryptically revealed in a ResetEra thread that there is more planned for Sony this September than The Last of Us 2's media event, leaving fans to speculate what that might be. The safest bet would likely be a State of Play broadcast, as it's been a while since Sony hosted one and the company may have more information to share on some of its exclusives as the calendar edges closer to the new year.

Ghost of Tsushima Samurai

There are other possibilities, of course. There might be dedicated events for Death Stranding, even following Tokyo Game Show 2019, or something like Ghost of Tsushima, one of the most heavily-anticipated releases on the PS4 platform to come despite a slow trickle of information being made available up until this point.

Whatever comes down the pipeline, September is set to be one of the biggest months for PS4 news in some time. While consumers will hope there's another substantial reveal, however, it's important to temper expectations - one analyst's hint, however trusted they may be, does not necessarily mean it will be something major. With that said, given Ahmad's track record, fans should keep an eye out this September for one more major glimpse into the future of Sony and PlayStation that isn't The Last of Us 2.

Source: ResetEra

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