The Last Of Us 2: 6 Characters Confirmed (And 4 We'd Like To See)

The Last of Us was one of the most critically-acclaimed games on the PS3. It came as no surprise, then, when Naughty Dog revealed they were working on a sequel called The Last of Us Part II for PS4. While it's been a few years since the initial reveal, we're getting closer and closer to the release of this highly-anticipated game.

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Since the first trailer, there has been a lot of information about the game and its characters released. We'll be looking at 6 characters already confirmed for The Last of Us Part II and 4 characters we'd like to see.

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Joel was the protagonist of The Last of Us and the player character. He was a conflicted man who didn't want to help anyone other than himself. Unfortunately for him, he got wrapped up in all that talk about a cure for the Cordyceps plague and tried to deliver a little girl who could hold the key to unlocking it all.

He appeared in the first trailer for The Last of Us Part II, but he's looking a bit older this time around. It's also worth mentioning that he is not going to be the player character this time around.


Tommy was Joel's brother who appeared in The Last of Us. After the plague, the two of them went their separate ways. Tommy joined the Fireflies and helped run a secure camp with plenty of resources. Joel and Tommy ended up patching their relationship and remained on good terms.

Tommy also managed to have a family in the middle of this crisis. Tommy hasn't been confirmed for the sequel, but his appearance would likely mean more information on the Firefly camp. That said, he'd probably have a small part in the game considering Joel isn't the focus.


Ellie was the little girl immune to the plague in The Last of Us. The Fireflies believed that she held the cure to the virus. She was foul-mouthed, intense, and always ready to throw herself in danger. However, things didn't go her way.

Now she's the protagonist of The Last of Us Part II and seems all grown up. She'll be taking the skills Joel taught her as she makes her way across the nation with her own goals in mind. That said, Ellie is shaping up to be a rough character if her gameplay footage is anything to go by.


Bill was a quirky character and one of the few survivors from The Last of Us. He was paranoid, unstable, and wasn't afraid to get on everyone's bad side all at the same time. He lived in an entire town where he rigged it with traps to protect himself from all sorts of zombies and Clickers.

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Bill and Ellie didn't get along well, so it'd be interesting to see the two of them meet up again in The Last of Us Part II. Perhaps Bill's paranoia led to him going insane. Maybe we'll find out that his isolation ended up being his demise.


Dina appeared in an infamous E3 trailer for The Last of Us Part II. In it, she and Ellie shared an intimate moment on a dance floor before kissing each other. It's unknown what further role she'll play in the game, but it's clear that she'll have an impact on Ellie's emotions.

Dina is a member of the Firefly camp run by Joel's brother Tommy, so it stands to reason that their interaction could've been at an early point in the game. Whatever happens, we imagine that the ending to their story will be more tragic, as was the case with Ellie's last romantic encounter.


Riley was Ellie's best friend and love interest in The Last of Us: Left Behind. Their story ended when some zombies found their way into the abandoned mall. Riley was bitten and it was all over after that.

While there's no chance for Riley to return in The Last of Us Part II, having Ellie face flashbacks about her or even remember more details about their friendship would be an interesting way to develop her character more. Ellie is already going to have a new love interest, so there's a chance that she could feel guilt over picking someone after Riley.


It takes some serious acting chops to end up in The Last of Us Part II. Many actors have already given their time to the game, including Laura Bailey. Her character appeared in one of the trailers for the game along with several other new characters. She was captured by a dangerous woman but eventually set free.

While she has no name right now, many have speculated that she could be Ellie's mother, as potentially teased by marketing for the game. Whoever she turns out to be, it's possible that she could be another playable character.


Ellie's mother Anna was a small part of The Last of Us. She was already deceased by the time the game started, having died giving birth to her only daughter, leaving only a letter behind. This leaves almost no chance for her to appear in The Last of Us Part II. That said, she could appear in flashback scenes and provide a thematic connection to Ellie.

There are already some theories about her appearing in the game as one of the unnamed characters. Still, we haven't been given any confirmation by Naughty Dog, so we'll just have to wait and see how it all turns out.


If there's one point The Last of Us made, it's that the people can be just as inhuman as the zombies. This rung true in one of the trailers for the game, where we meet a dangerous woman named Emily, who works for the Seraphites, an organization built to purge all sin from the world.

She is holding an unnamed woman hostage and sends her goons to kill her slowly. However, she gets ambushed by Yara and Lev, ending up in the grave. Our guess is that Emily will serve as an introduction to the Seraphites, who will likely serve as the antagonist faction in the game.


While most of the footage from The Last of Us Part II has featured familiar characters, there was one that seemed to throw fans for a loop. It featured entirely new characters and a new organization at an undisclosed period of time.

Among these characters were Yara and Lev, who were former members of the organization called the Seraphites. They helped a woman escape the wrath of someone very dangerous. They also referred to Clickers as "demons." It'll be interesting to see how these characters blend in with the main story.

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