'Last Stand' Poster: Schwarzenegger Still Has His Action Star Swagger

Last Stand (2013) starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

That title above might be a tad misleading, since Arnold Schwarzenegger has technically been back to acting since making a cameo appearance in The Expendables back in 201o. Well, technically his face made an appearance in Terminator Salvation (2009) via CGI -  but it really doesn't count unless you're getting the actual flesh-and-blood Schwarzenegger experience.

Even with an expanded role in The Expendables 2, Schwarzenegger's official return to the lane of action movie leading man won't come until the release of The Last Stand, which hits theaters in the first weeks of 2013. Today we have a poster for The Last Stand - one that is sure to grab all those eyes who understand the nostalgic value of seeing "Ahnuld" standing tall and strong center frame on a movie one-sheet.

Last Stand tells the story of washed-up former LAPD officer Ray Owens, who is in self-imposed exile serving as sheriff of the Mexican border town Sommerton Junction. When an escaped cartel boss (Eduardo Noriega) makes a run for the border, Owens assembles a misfit crew of officers to hold the line against the fleeing crooks. It marks the Hollywood directorial debut of acclaimed Korean director Jee-woon Kim, who was responsible for films like I Saw the Devil and The Good, the Bad, the Weird.

Check out Schwarzenegger looking majestic on this Last Stand poster:


Last Stand (2013) Poster (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Hey, what better way to tell people that you're still a badass than by showing them how big your gun still is, and hot your sports car still is? But even as machismo-cheesy as this poster is (when you really break it down), dammit if it isn't good to see the Govenator out of politics and back in showbiz (where he always belonged).

The mind practically boggles at contemplation of all the potentially wonderful new one-liners and catch phrases that will be uttered in that impeccable Austrian brogue once all the gunplay and car chases begin. Maybe something like "You forgot your border pass!"  - or has that one kinda been used already...? (See what I did there?)

The film will co-star familiar faces like Forest Whitaker, Luis Guzmán, Johnny Knoxville, Henry Dean Stanton (Alien) and Peter Stormare (Armageddon), alongside fresher faces like Jaimie Alexander (Thor), Genesis Rodriguez (Man on a Ledge), and Rodrigo Santoro (300).

The Last Stand will be in theaters on January 18th, 2013.

Source: IGN

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