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Here's how The Last Ship season 4 finale saw the USS Nathan James crew save the day once again. The Last Ship is loosely based on a novel by author William Brinkley, with the show following the crew of a Navy ship returning from maneuvers in the Arctic to discover a virus has wiped out 80% of the world. The crew - led by Commanding Officier Tom Chandler (Eric Dane, Grey's Anatomy) - must race to find a cure, while trying to find out what happened to their families in this changed world.

The Last Ship was executive produced by Michael Bay (6 Underground) but despite featuring a good amount of action, it also featured fleshed out characters. The first two seasons centered on the dynamic between Chandler and Dr. Rachel Scott (Rhona Mitra, Strike Back), while later seasons would deal with the world trying to rebuild itself. The show came to an end with its fifth season which finished airing in 2018.

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The Last Ship season 4 was a particularly dramatic year, with the crew having stopped a coup in the previous season and Chandler having attempted retirement. He's soon sucked back into action though when his help is needed to stop a virus that is devastating crops across the globe. The finale saw the USS James chasing down evil scientist Vellek (Peter Weller, RoboCop) who is attempting to seize control of the world.

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After a tense battle involving three ships, The Last Ship's season 4 finale has Chandler track down the vessel with Vellek onboard, with Sasha (Bridget Regan, John Wick) joining him on a stealthy mission to infiltrate and recover some vital seeds. Chandler confronts Vallek in his lab, who flees after setting fire to his own research. Several gunfights follow with Chandler almost killed by Vellek's daughter Lucia before Sasha performs a last-second rescue. Chandler confronts the almost fully insane scientist, who kills himself by jumping off the ship instead of surrendering.

The Last Ship season 4 ends with the crew recovering the seeds and what was left of Vellek's research, enabling them to create a cure for the Red Rust plant virus. The episode ends with a reflective Chandler mulling Vallek's final words about how there will always be evil and war in the world, but he tries to remain hopeful about the future. The finale was a fun, action-packed episode and set the stage perfectly for the show's final season.

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