• The Last of Us Part II has wrapped shooting the game's cinematics. 1 / 8

    The Last Of Us 2 Still Vertical
  • To celebrate, the game's co-writer, Neil Druckmann, shared a new image. 2 / 8

    Neil Druckmann vertical
  • The image reveals the voice and motion capture actors for the game's lead characters. 3 / 8

    Last of Us 2 Ellie stare vertical
  • Here are Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson as Joel and Ellie. 4 / 8

    Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson in Last of Us 2 vertical
  • Both Joel and Ellie were the lead characters in the first game. 5 / 8

    The Last of Us vertical
  • Now, Ellie is older, and may be the only playable character. 6 / 8

    Last of Us 2 Ellie under car vertical
  • Druckmann called it "the most ambitious cinematic shoot we've ever done." 7 / 8

    Last of Us Ellie and Joel vertical
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