The Last of Us Part II Trailer Is Unbelievable

Naughty Dog releases the third and easily the most impressive gameplay trailer for The Last of Us Part II during the PlayStation E3 2018 conference.

Naughty Dog has released the latest - and most impressive - trailer for The Last of Us Part II during the PlayStation E3 2018 press conference today. Fans have been avidly awaiting a followup to Naughty Dog's The Last of Us ever since the game released on the PlayStation 3 in 2013 and then re-released on the PlayStation 4 the following year.

The first game in the series followed the story of Joel, a post-apocalyptic survivor who protects a teenage girl named Ellie, who also may be the key to curing the zombie-esque "Clickers" that have overtaken the planet. Joel eventually grew close to Ellie and was then forced to choose between his personal relationship with her and the fate of the human race. The Last of Us is frequently applauded for being one of the most emotional and perhaps best games in recent memory, especially of the last console generation. That's why Sony eventually commissioned a sequel from Naughty Dog. The Last of Us Part II was announced at E3 2016 with a teaser trailer, but it was E3 2017's trailer that really set the mood for the sequel. And now, Sony has revealed even more about the sequel.

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Sony released the third trailer for The Last of Us Part II during their E3 press conference today, giving fans a better idea of what to expect when the title finally releases on the PS4. The trailer seems to promise a coming of age story that will follow Ellie as she comes into her own, as both a woman and a survivor. Any critics who may have had doubts over the brutality of earlier Last Of Us 2 trailers may find their fears assuaged by the beautifully awkward emotions on display in this lovely trailer.

The trailer can be viewed above, and new screenshots and PS4 cover art below.

Aside from the emotional impact of the story, there are two key factors sure to lure gamers to The Last Of Us 2: dynamic gameplay and an LGBT friendly storyline, Ellie appears to have a female love interest in the sequel. There is an increased focus on a wide range of combat tactics in this sequel. The action is fast-paced, but players will need to transition into stealth mode just as easily. The environment seems to play a larger part in this sequel, allowing players to use the world around them to manipulate zombies' movements. The visuals are quite stunning, a sheen of sweat can be seen on Ellie's partner as the two dance, carefully rendered foliage provides a lush forest setting. Even the little details were paid attention to, as tiny drops of blood land on the camera as players fight off their enemies. That same care was taken with the game's audio. The use of music, light breaths, and animal sounds are carefully employed to help create the mood. If this trailer is any indication, The Last Of Us 2 is the worthy successor the original game is deserving of.

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