The Last of Us 2 Releasing in 2019 If You Believe These Deleted Tweets

The Last of Us video game remastered

The Last of Us: Part II might actually be released this year, that is if you believe a handful of deleted tweets. The original The Last of Us game was released in 2013, and focused on a man named Joel accompanying a young girl named Ellie across a post-apocalyptic United States that is infected with zombie-like creatures. The original game received rave reviews upon release and won many awards, including Best Game at the 2014 BAFTA Game Awards.

This year will be the sixth anniversary of The Last of Us, but 2019 will likely be filled with advertising for The Last of Us: Part II. Fans had been wanting a sequel for The Last of Us basically since they finished the first game, and The Last of Us: Part II was finally announced alongside a teaser trailer for the game. Since then, Naughty Dog hasn't given fans a lot of updates, but have released a gameplay trailer for The Last of Us: Part II. Even though fans haven't gotten an official release date, it appears that the game might be released this year.

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According to, fans might actually get to play The Last of Us: Part II this yearThe Last of Us: Part II was featured in a recent coming attraction video from PlayStation, but a former IGN editor named Alanah Pearce seemingly confirmed that the game will be released this year. Pearce seemed confident that The Last of Us: Part II was definitely coming in 2019 according to multiple sources, but also said that things could change since Naughty Dog hasn't officially announced the game. Pearce's full tweets can be seen below.

Alanah Pearce Deleted Tweet for The Last of Us 2
Alanah Pearce Deleted Tweet for The Last of Us Part II


Not a lot of details for The Last of Us: Part II have been revealed, but the game will take place five years after The Last of Us and will feature a grown-up Ellie as the main character. The game might have another playable character besides Ellie, but that is only a rumor for right now. It was also revealed near the beginning of 2018 that The Last of Us: Part II is drawing inspirations from the Netflix original show The End Of The F***ing World.

Even though The Last of Us: Part II doesn't have an official release date, the game is still a highly anticipated title among gamers. The Last of Us: Part II stole the show at E3 2018, revealing graphics that were so good that people thought it was fake. Needless to say, even if Naughty Dog doesn't release the title this year, people will still shell out the cash for the game when The Last of Us: Part II does finally release.

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