The Last of Us 2 Trailer is Very Walking Dead

Sony showcases a brutal new trailer for The Last of Us Part II, which channels some serious The Walking Dead vibes for the zombie sequel game.

The Last of Us Part II trailer

Sony is showing gaming fans what it can do, dropping a brutal new trailer for The Last of Us Part II that channels some serious The Walking Dead vibes.

Once again pitting the remnants of mankind against the ravenous corpses of a zombie outbreak, Naughty Dog is picking up where the 2013 predecessor left off - albeit with a bit of a time jump. Although The Last of Us favorites Joel and Ellie are confirmed to return as a major part of the sequel, neither can be spotted in this violent peek at the game.

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Looking like a scene that has been pulled from the blood-soaked season 6 finale of AMC's zombie romp, The Last of Us Part II's latest trailer shows an unnamed woman being dragged to a grisly demise by a group of apocalypse fanatics. Fans glimpse the hanging bodies of those who weren't quite as lucky, before the woman is strung up to a similar fate. On a par with the foot scene in Misery, a second victim is then brought into the frame to get her "wings clipped" via a hammer smashing her arms. However, just when it looks the two are done for, there is more TWD violence as the attackers are brought down in a hail of arrows.

Just like the popular TV show, The Last of Us Part II reminds everyone that it isn't always zombies that are the biggest threat at the end of days. Just as Robert Kirkman's comic book world features dangerous enemies in the form of the Governor, Negan, and Alpha, The Last of Us Part II actually puts fellow man as the de facto villain of the piece.

In a second interview trailer, creative director Neil Druckmann confirms that Part II will work with the latest technology to bring a faithful follow-up to the acclaimed first game. With Naughty Dog's other titles including the likes of the Uncharted series, gamers at least know the studio can craft a compelling story with equally interesting characters. Also, in the modern boom of zombie culture, now probably couldn't be a better time to release a game about brain-hungry munchers.

As for the cryptic reveal trailer, who these mystery women are remains to be seen. Developers have since confirmed that the blonde featured in the snippet is NOT the older version of Ellie, but expect her to play some sort of part in the overall storyline. With still no release date for The Last of Us Part II, fans will have to stay hungry for more flesh until Sony decides to give us more details.

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