Comic-Con Sensation 'Last Man Standing' Snags 'Orphan' Screenwriter

Paramount Buys Rights to Comic-Con Hit Last Man Standing

While Hollywood film execs were busy promoting their big tentpole films at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con, they were also doing some digging to find that next big property that could be adapted into a popular franchise. One of their biggest finds was Last Man Standing, a unique graphic novel by Daneil LuVisi that had obvious potential as a multi-media enterprise - which is why Paramount beat other studios and snagged the rights to the property.

Today brings word that Last Man Standing is seeing some traction on the movie front, as a writer for the big-screen adaptation of LuVisi's work has been found in the form of Orphan and Red Riding Hood writer, David Leslie Johnson.

If you haven't seen our gallery of impressive Last Man Standing artwork, here's a break down of what the graphic novel is all about:

LMS (Last Man Standing) tells the story of Gabriel, the last living Paladin soldier. Genetically engineered, he is a warrior of supernatural strength, anointed as the guardian of Amerika and its people. Admired and celebrated by most, Gabe’s world takes a sudden turn when he finds himself framed by the terrorist group Pandemonium, for a series of atrocious crimes he had no part in. For these alleged crimes, Gabriel is sent to the treacherous Level-9 Prison Facility and incarcerated with the very scum he helped put away. After nine years of torture and agony, the once-famed hero kills his captors and escapes the 9 levels of hell he has been condemned to. From here on forward, Gabriel embarks on a journey into the heart of darkness; the New Amerika, a world filled with colorful and deadly characters that will either help or try to eliminate him – neither of which attitude is always transparent. As the once invincible hero digs deep to unravel the true reason behind his framing, he also discovers a problem he never had to face before: He’s dying, and quickly.

Basically it sounds like  a mix of John Carter of Mars and...just about every other "man framed for a crime he didn't commit" revenge thriller you've ever seen. However, what sets Last Man Standing apart is the unique and creative design of LuVisi's futuristic world. If you haven't seen it, check out this Last Man Standing concept art.

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Both Orphan and Red Riding Hood were fairly entertaining genre-mystery stories that resulted in passable films (with the former being notably better than the latter). Johnson's star is continuing to rise, as he co-wrote the upcoming tentpole sequel Wrath of the Titansas well as an episode of The Walking Dead for his longtime mentor Frank Darabont. LuVisi's graphic novel is also in its prime, having sold out in mere hours at this year's Comic-Con. So will an up-and-coming writer make movie gold out of a hot comic book property?

While that question is looming over Last Man Standing, it seems more likely that choosing a director to bring this unique vision to life is going be the bigger point of concern.

We'll keep you updated on what develops.

Source: Variety

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