The Last Man on Earth has managed to land itself a second season after its initial series of episodes that premiered in March 2015. Featuring the relatively simple premise of the last man on earth surviving on the squandered wealth and riches of our own most recently non-existent civilization, the original comedy from writers and directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller and series creator and star Will Forte is something of a marvel – in its ability to derive humor, pathos, and even sympathy out of what is an ostensibly tired premise and sub-genre.

Other post-apocalyptic narratives might feature outright action movie antics or political thriller theatrics, Forte’s original sit-com is refreshing in its realistic portrayal of fundamentally flawed, human characters attempting to survive another day alone. New footage from the upcoming Last Man on Earth season two promises more of the same understated dramedy.

Following the departure of protagonists Phil Miller (Forte) and Carol Pilbasian (Kristen Schaal) from Tuscon, AZ at the end of last season, Last Man on Earth season two promises a new central location for Phil and Carol to inhabit, namely Washington, D.C. (which is appropriate given Phil’s priorly stated tongue-in-cheek annexation of the Oval Office). The new season will debut September 2015 with somewhere between thirteen to twenty-two episodes, with FOX planning to break the season up into two parts to air in the fall and midseason 2016. Additionally, The Office  alum Dan Sterling will serve as executive producer/showrunner, to lift the burden of keeping the show afloat off Lord, Miller, and Forte’s shoulders.

You can watch new Last Man on Earth season two promos above and below, followed by images from the upcoming season:

The Last Man on Earth S2 Image 1 e1441641277195 The Last Man on Earth Season 2 TV Spots: Phil & Carol Head To D.C.

The Last Man on Earth S2 Image 2 e1441641369307 The Last Man on Earth Season 2 TV Spots: Phil & Carol Head To D.C.

The Last Man on Earth S2 Image 3 e1441641431360 The Last Man on Earth Season 2 TV Spots: Phil & Carol Head To D.C.

While there is still plenty of room to speculate regarding the fates of previous cast members January Jones and Phil’s brother (Jason Sudeikis), the second season starring Forte and Schaal looks like its shaping up to be just as critically sound as the show’s first season. While it will be sad to see The LEGO Movie directors Lord and Miller largely exit the project at this point, Sterling certainly has the credentials and past experience to help carry the project going forward.

With the former state capital serving as the backdrop for season two, viewers of the show are likely in for a treat when the new episodes get underway. What came as something as a surprise hit last season is sure to go only bigger and bolder the second time around, making Phil and Carol two post-apocalyptic protagonists who (fingers cross) will continue to be worth following.

The Last Man on Earth season two will air on FOX starting September 27th, 2015.

Source: FOX

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