The Last Kingdom Season 3 Full Trailer Teases The Death Of A King

Alexander Draymon in The Last Kingdom Netflix

In advance of season 3, The Last Kingdom gets a full trailer that puts Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) in a tough spot concerning the future of Wessex, as the series makes its move to Netflix. The streaming giant announced the start of season 3 in November, along with a teaser trailer to whet fans’ appetites, and now the new full trailer offers up more details as to the story that’s set to unfold, as the series prepares to become another binge-watch. 

The new season will welcome several new characters, though the most menacing among them is likely Ola Rapace, as the Danish warrior, Bloodhair. The new character is seen throughout the new trailer, screaming into the camera and generally appearing like the sort of aggressive individual who would earn a name like Bloodhair. Along with Rapace’s warrior, The Last Kingdom welcomes Skade (Thea Sofie Loch Næss), Edward (Timothy Innes), the heir to Alfred, and Cnut (Magnus Brunn). And from what transpires in the new trailer, these characters will likely have a big impact of the series moving foward. 

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Though the show is bringing in new players, it hasn’t forgotten that it’s essentially about Uhtred of Bebbanburg, and there are new signs that his role in the series is meant to eventually see him as ruler. Or at least that’s what the prophecy is saying. Check out the trailer below: 

Though The Last Kingdom is adapted from Bernard Cornwell’s successful series of novels, The Saxon Stories, it also follows a similar path to History’s Vikings, though it tends to do without some of that series’ more heightened moments. The comparison is a welcome one, as both series have earned a legion of passionate fans, and they both offer compelling stories and characters, as well as plenty of thrilling battle sequences that can keep audiences attention in between seasons of Game of Thrones. 

Season 3 looks to inject a potential regicide storyline to keep things interesting, as the woman speaking Uhtred aims to fill his head not only with thoughts of taking Alfred’s place as the rightful ruler of Wessex, but also that he must fulfill a prophecy by being the one to end Alfred’s reign. If nothing else, this should make for a solid bit of tension building in between bouts of swordplay. 

Thankfully, fans don’t have long to wait for the new season, as it set to hit Netflix internationally on November 19. 

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The Last Kingdom season 3 will stream on Netflix starting Monday, November 19.

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