The Last Kingdom: 10 Things We Want To See In Season 4

The Last Kingdom series is already full of political strife and bloodshed, but here are 10 things we'd love to see happen in the fourth season.

Season 4 of The Last Kingdom sees tensions rise, loose ends tied up, and a line-up of showdowns between main characters guaranteed to hold fans' attention from episode to episode. For male viewers, there's talk of epic battle scenes where much will be at stake. For female fans, chemistry runs high between key players in the story's narrative. Will writers deal with such dramatic narrative twists and turns with care? Viewers will have to watch to find out. Still, regardless of this, here are 10 Season 4 'spoilers' fans want to see which should make watching the series worthwhile in the new season.

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10 Politics, Politics, Politics...

The Last Kingdom has already been colored by tension and action, and Season 4 is expected to be no different. This time, a rise in political tension is anticipated, with a shift of focus to the relationship between Uhtred and Alfred’s children, and the political ramifications this relationship has for the future of England.

Questions viewers can expect answered include: Will Uhtred side with Aethelflaed of Mercia or Edward of Wessex? Either way, lots of action is expected, so get out the popcorn!

9 A Woman Takes Center Stage

A woman wearing the pants in TV screen action scenes isn’t the norm. However, this is exactly what Aethelflaed, warrior Queen of Mercia, is about to do in Season 4. The determined queen is expected to break the mold of traditional femininity and rise to prominence in the new season as the daring, somewhat fearless leader of the Mercian army. She hasn’t always been popular with viewers because of her scheming and plotting, but fans agree that she makes for some interesting viewing.

8 Uhtred and the Queen of Mercia

Two of the show’s most prominent characters will exhibit some refreshing and breathtaking chemistry in Season 4. It is expected sparks will fly between Uhtred and Aethelflaed in the new season of Last Kingdom. Both are strong characters, and this display of chemistry between them will no doubt leave fans mesmerized and longing for more. Entertainment reports say that in the new season, the Queen of Mercia’s directness and shrewdness will connect in magical, compelling ways with Uhtred’s waywardness. This will give viewers a display of unforgettable onscreen chemistry.

7 Onward to Destiny!

There’s always a day when preparation falls aside to give way to destiny. Uhtred has big ambitions, and fortunately for himself and others, these extend beyond his need for revenge for his and his family’s injustices of the past. The noble warrior wants to conquer the fortress of Bebbanburg. However, to do this, will mean slaying his wicked uncle Aelfric. Not exactly an easy feat, but then Uhtred is used to challenges. Aelfric is the one who conspired with the Danes to murder Uhtred's family, and it was through his actions that Uhtred was sold into slavery.

6 Christianity vs Paganism

Christianity and paganism are at loggerheads in the new season of Last Kingdom as the differences between the two become a more central theme. In this season, Uhtred’s son faces an identity struggle as he questions his religious identity. While Uhtred was a Christian who became a pagan, the opposite is true for his son, who was a pagan converted to Christianity. Can paganism and Christianity be reconciled, or can father and son agree to disagree? Some heated viewing expected in Season 4.

5 Time for War!

Battles are on the cards in Season 4. This isn’t always a thrilling prospect for some viewers, but balanced with dramatic love scenes the fighting and rising political tensions should be palatable. One of these battles will be the Battle of Teotenheale, a bloody conflict based on the historic Battle of Tettenhall. Season 4 will also see Uhtred facing the ongoing military threat of his rivals, Haesten, and Cnut Longsword and Haesten.

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4 Family in the Spotlight

There has already been a build up to tentative circumstances around Edward’s bastard son and the fate of Ecgwynn, Edward’s first love. This tension will further unfold in Season 4. It is expected this drama will set the scene for further drama, with Aethelhelm, Edward's determined father-in-law, entering the scene to have his say and exercise his might. Aethelhelm will stop at nothing to defend the lineage of his family. Some heated viewing is on the cards!

3 Brida Returns

Brida, the Valkyrie shield maiden, returns in Season 4 to satisfy the longing of fans to see more of her. Viewers love her for her determination and tenacity. In past episodes, she had her heart set on revenge for the murder of Ragnar Ragnarson, her husband, and even helped Uhtred kill the alleged murderer, Aethelwold. As the story goes, Aethelwold did not single-handedly orchestrate the murder.

He was manipulated by Cnut into killing Ragnar Ragnarson, a move which allowed Cnut to control the Danes. Season 4 will reveal whether Brida will find out the full story of her husband’s demise, and fans will find out how she will react to the news.

2 Saxon-Viking Action

Season 4 will be colored by intense onscreen action between the Saxons and Vikings. If entertainment forecasts are anything to go by, battles and bloodshed will abound in the new season, and fans of screen action can expect some exciting fighting techniques introduced to the mix.

One of the new additions to the series' battle scenes will include a formidable shield wall, which will be a sight to behold. There will be other battle surprises, and viewers wanting action can rest assured that battles will reach new heights in Season 4.

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1 Father Beocca

What will become of Father Beocca, the troubled priest? In past seasons, viewers have watched him flit from challenge to challenge and it is hoped the new season will see him find a place of closure and relaxation. Fans want nothing more than to see him rewarded for his hard work and sacrifices. Reports suggest that Father Pyrlig will take a more central place in Season 4, but it remains unclear whether or not this will be to replace a retired Father Beocca or not.

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