The Last Jedi's Major Snoke Scene Recreated With LEGO

-- Major SPOILERS lie ahead for The Last Jedi --

That scene in The Last Jedi featuring Supreme Leader Snoke has been recreated in LEGO form. The latest entry in the Star Wars saga has proven to be a divisive one, to say the least. Though critics roundly praised The Last Jedi, it seemingly split the franchise's fanbase in two. One of the most polarizing moments of the film, of course, was the out-of-left-field death of Snoke.

The Supreme Leader was widely expected to take on an Emperor Palpatine-like role in the new trilogy. With Kylo Ren filling in for Darth Vader, Snoke was seemingly being positioned as the First Order's true big bad. The dozens of fan theories that surrounded the mysterious villain's true identity all went up in smoke simultaneously, however, when Kylo betrayed and killed him in The Last Jedi. In doing so, he triumphantly became the new trilogy's main villain -- and pissed off a whole lot of fans.

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If you find yourself jonesing for another look at TLJ's biggest twist, Youtube user Lego Man has you covered. This dedicated fan has recreated his/her own version of Kylo cutting Snoke down to size using stop motion LEGOS, some minor CG special effects, and what we're guessing is audio from a bootlegged version of TLJ. Take a look at the final product in the video above.

Similar to Lego Man's recreation of the big Darth Vader scene from Rogue One, the Snoke scene featured above looks to be a shot for shot remake. It's some truly fine work, and after just 2 days online, it's already closing in on 300,000 views.

Again, director Rian Johnson's decision to kill off Snoke a full movie earlier than expected was...controversial. Not many fans went into TLJ thinking Snoke was on the chopping block, and therefore weren't thrilled with the twist. Folks were far more concerned about who he was before the new trilogy kicked off than who he was in the here and now, it would seem. While offscreen reading material might provide some clues for that, ultimately, it's not all that important anymore. The First Order has a new Supreme Leader now, and a far more complex/interesting one at that. And the new trilogy is all the better for it.

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Source: Lego Man

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