The Last Jedi: Is Rey Fighting Luke In These Images?

The hype surrounding the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi reached new heights earlier this month with the release of the film's second trailer, and one Twitter user may have pieced together a sequence that sees two of the main heroes fighting one another. Star Wars enthusiasts have been pouring over every second of footage in the weeks since the trailer dropped, and the search for clues has resulted in an unending stream of fan theories. These theories vary wildly in terms of audacity, ranging from the pretty obvious (see: Rey turning to the dark side) to the far more outrageous (see: Kylo Ren is trying to save Leia, not kill her).

An overwhelming majority of the theories flying around the internet center around character allegiances. Did Luke actually turn to the dark side during his exile? Will Kylo or Rey turn against their masters? Could both?

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While almost every theory you'll come across has some degree of merit, Twitter user Star Wars Stuff truly looks to be onto something. They've tied together a few key glimpses from both the film's last full trailer and the behind-the-scenes featurette that came out earlier this week, postulating that all three screengrabs come from the same scene. And while that isn't much of a theory in itself, it could potentially mean huge things for the Star Wars universe going forward. If it is indeed accurate, it looks like The Last Jedi's promotional team may have revealed a pivotal turning point in the movie a few months earlier than intended. Check out the tweet for yourself before we dive headfirst into the speculation pool:

Potentially the same scene? #TheLastJedi

— Star Wars Stuff (@starwarstuff) October 25, 2017

The pair of stills from the official trailer (the over the shoulder shot of Rey looking at Luke and the glimpse of Luke on his back) definitely seem to be from the same scene, as they each take place in the same damp, dimly lit cave-like setting. Luke seems to be wearing the same outfit in both shots, further tying the two pictures together. The third image -- the one of an intense-looking Rey in a fighting stance with her staff -- is a screengrab from the behind-the-scenes promo that doesn't clearly take place in a cave, but since this is a BTS promo that was made while The Last Jedi was filming, the setting would likely be added in during post-production. Rey also looks to be sporting the same distinct hairstyle in the photos, one that we haven't seen her wear in any other scenes glimpsed to date.

TLDR: it's very likely that all three images come from the same sequence.

So let's assume they do for a moment...what exactly is being teased here? From our perspective, it looks like this is a confrontation between Luke and Rey that turns physical. Keep in mind that the pic of the elderly Skywalker on the ground is pulled from the part of the trailer where he's looking up at someone and saying, "This is not going to go the way you think." His eyeline suggests that he's looking up at whomever he's speaking to as he attempts to discourage them from whatever they're looking to do. The intense shot of Rey looking down, meanwhile, could very well come after she's knocked Luke on his ass. If so, one of three things is likely happening: either a) Rey is venting her frustration over Luke refusing to teach her, b) Rey is looking to do exactly what Luke did in Empire Strikes Back by rushing off to save the day before her training is complete, or c) this is a glimpse at Rey full-on rejecting her new mentor and turning against him.

TLDR: It looks like Rey disagrees with something Luke's telling her, the two get into some sort of altercation, and it's going to be awesome. This new pairing appears destined for a serious rough patch, and we can't wait to see it unfold onscreen.

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Source: Star Wars Stuff

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