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A fan-made poster imagines what the crowdfunded Star Wars: The Last Jedi remake would look like. Besides Zack Snyder's forays into the DC Extended Universe, it's hard to find a Hollywood tentpole more hotly-contested than The Last Jedi. Arriving to theaters last December with much hype and anticipation, the discourse quickly turned toxic as debates unfolded. Just about everything in the film became a lightning rod for controversy, and even though more than six months have passed, there's seemingly no end to the discussions in sight.

Things took a truly bizarre turn a couple weeks ago when a group launched a campaign to raise funding to produce a Last Jedi remake. Many, including Rian Johnson, were amused by this effort, and jokes about what the remake would entail quickly spread across the Internet. Now, people have a poster for the hypothetical movie to admire.

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Fro Design Company unveiled the design on their website, where viewers can purchase an 18x24 copy. There appears to be a limited number available (the site posting says "Signed and Numbered edition of 100"), so interested parties should get theirs quickly. Check out the one-sheet for yourself in the space below:

The poster is definitely facetious in its intent, poking fun at a number of the perceived issues some had with the film. Arguably the most notable aspect is Luke, who is depicted as a buff action hero, ready to mow through enemies with a lightsaber and a gun in hand. This remake would also uncover all of the mysteries surrounding Supreme Leader Snoke, as the villain is putting together a slide presentation with bullet points covering his origin and plan. Apparently, the women of Star Wars have no meaningful role here; Rey is relegated to cooking porgs in the kitchen (a shot at people who complained about her being the star of the sequels), while even Leia is forced to wear her classic golden bikini. Overall, the poster is gloriously over-the-top (three conjoined Death Stars!), hysterical, and creative.

There's no denying the reaction to the outcry for a Last Jedi remake garnered a few laughs, but most would agree that it's time to move on and stop debating the film so passionately. A case can be made that the constant back-and-forth is doing more harm than good, seeing that talented directors are disinterested in making Star Wars films after getting a small taste of the discourse. Anything as big as Star Wars will always generate a wide variety of opinions, and that's part of what makes movies so great. However, there comes a point where everyone would be better served letting bygones be bygones before turning attention to Episode IX. Hopefully, this remake talk signals the beginning of the dust (finally) settling.

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Source: Fro Design Company

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