Star Wars: Watch Mark Hamill's Emotional Reunions With Yoda & Leia

The documentary The Director and the Jedi, included as a bonus feature on the Star Wars: The Last Jedi home media release, features a couple of emotional behind-the-scenes clips of Mark Hamill reuniting with some old friends. After being relegated to a wordless cameo at the end of The Force AwakensEpisode VIII was very much Luke Skywalker's movie. His arc served as the heart of the film, meaning he was at the center of some monumental scenes. For Hamill, The Last Jedi was something of a reunion tour, as he got scenes with Chewbacca and R2-D2 early on. But Rian Johnson saved the big ones for later.

Among The Last Jedi's highlights were Yoda's final lesson to Luke (which set the stage for his return) and the cathartic Skywalker twins reunion that left nary a dry eye in the theater. Given their significance in the film proper, it's no surprise to see both spotlighted at certain points in the feature-length documentary, and now those clips are available online.

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Twitter user Star Wars Legacy shared some snippets. In the first, Hamill himself can't contain his emotions upon seeing Frank Oz operate the Yoda puppet during some tests. The second shows Hamill filming Luke and Leia's heart-wrenching final conversation with the late great Carrie Fisher as the crew watches on in reverence. You can see the footage in the space below:

The Director and the Jedi may not contain any new revelations about The Last Jedi, but it's parts like these that make it a more than worthwhile watch for fans. It's always cool to get a peek behind the curtain, especially when the actors involved get caught up in the moment. Hamill is downright touched to interact with Yoda again, no doubt memories of The Empire Strikes Back flooding back into his mind. The actor previously said he considers the sequel trilogy to be "found money" since he thought his time in the galaxy far, far away was over after Return of the Jedi. To return after all these years proved to be quite the journey, and it's one he certainly appreciates. Even after 40 years, the magic of Star Wars remains fresh.

It remains to be seen if Episode VIII is the last we'll see of Hamill in Star Wars. Sacrificing his life for the Resistance, Luke became one with the Force and could easily return in Star Wars 9 as a Force ghost if that's what J.J. Abrams intends. Since the director is (in)famous for his mystery box style of filmmaking, there's a chance audiences won't know the answer to this question until Episode IX premieres in December 2019. After all, Yoda was never officially confirmed for Last Jedi.

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