Star Wars: 15 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi may be the most controversial Star Wars film ever made among hardcore fans. Previously, fans have debated everything from the addition of Ewoks to the featured role of Jar-Jar Binks, but the anger about these has been a drop in the bucket compared to the freakout over The Last Jedi.

Let’s be clear: The Last Jedi, like most movies, is not without its problems that are worth deconstructing. At the same time, though, there are minor issues about the movie that fans have made into a much bigger issue than they actually are.

Then there are fans who are downright wrong. Sometimes, people complain about things that are complete non-issues. At other times, fans make basic assumptions about the plot that, it turns out, miss the mark entirely.

These are the things that everyone gets wrong about The Last Jedi. These incorrect notions get tossed around so often that people begin to think they are the truth. And in this case, these things aren’t even true “from a certain point of view.

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15 Luke was out of character

When it comes to criticisms of The Last Jedi, the actions of Luke Skywalker are at the top of the list. Many fans are angry at the revelation that (if only for a moment), Luke considered killing Ben Solo in his sleep. The idea of a Jedi Master being cold-blooded seemed, to many, wildly out of character.

However, it’s not. Remember that Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda treated Luke like a hitman they were grooming. His only real function was to kill Vader and the Emperor, and they both thought this “redeem Vader” plan was insane. Furthermore, Luke has flirted with the Dark Side before, and Yoda had a pretty clear warning about this: “once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.” Therefore, Luke having a moment of Dark Side weakness and reverting to his original training (to destroy evil, full stop) was completely realistic!

14 Leia should have died in space


When General Leia Organa was sucked out into space, most fans assumed the character would die then and there. However, she is suddenly able to use the Force to not only survive in the vacuum of space but to get back to her ship. Considering we had never seen Leia so much as move a rock with the Force, many fans thought this was insanely unrealistic.

However, the Expanded Universe of Star Wars stories is filled with different Force trances. These let Jedi conserve air, heal, and survive in extreme environments. Luke Skywalker even used one once to (wait for it) briefly survive the vacuum of space. It’s not unreasonable to believe that Leia - filled with powerful Skywalker blood - would go into such a trance and then save herself automatically.

Still not convinced? There’s always the very real possibility that she lived due to the will of the Force.

13 Kylo Ren couldn’t have fooled Snoke

There were many shocking things about Kylo Ren betraying and killing Supreme Leader Snoke. However, the most surprising thing to many fans was that he got away with it at all. How exactly did Snoke, one of the most powerful Force users in existence, get ambushed by his own half-trained apprentice?

It’s established in Star Wars that the future is not a fixed thing. Yoda described it as “always in motion,” and even Yoda could only get glimpses of what would happen with Han and Leia. Snoke received similarly vague glimpses (such as Kylo Ren using a lightsaber to kill his “true enemy”), and Kylo Ren exploited this (as Snoke could not see the specific lightsaber being used or realize that he was the actual enemy of Kylo Ren).

Ultimately, Snoke died due to his arrogant belief - like the Emperor before him - that he could foresee the future.

12 The Canto Bight Scenes Were Pointless

Even for fans who really enjoyed The Last Jedi, many felt that the scenes on Canto Bight were pointless. These scenes gave Finn and newcomer Rose some things to do, and they found an unexpected fairweather ally in the form of hacker DJ. However, because their entire mission fails, many fans felt it was all a waste.

However, these scenes are important for several reasons. First, the failed mission doesn’t make the scene a waste: the Rebels failed to protect Hoth’s Echo Base, but it was still enjoyable while fitting the movie’s themes. In The Last Jedi, these scenes build Finn and Rose’s relationship while forcing them to examine who is truly responsible for violence in the galaxy. Witnessing this injustice is vital to developing Finn's motivations, as he was raised in the confines of the First Order.

When DJ points out that the arms dealers sell to the Resistance, too, we understand (as both Luke and Kylo want us to) that everything is not black and white in this universe.

11 Poe Dameron Was Useless

While not to the levels of the #NotMyLuke freakout, fans were also upset at how Poe Dameron acted for most of the movie. We start out by seeing him in his natural element as an ace X-Wing pilot. Then he spends the movie butting heads with Vice Admiral Holden, going so far as to stage a brief and utterly pointless mutiny. Why, fans wondered, was Poe acting so stupid?

There are two answers. First, Poe is being very true to his character: he’s a hotheaded fighter, and he’s never had to worry about the big picture. The second reason ties into this: more than any other character, Poe is given a dynamic arc. He starts as a hothead who can’t understand the big picture, and by the end, he is the only one to realize that Luke Skywalker is sacrificing himself as a distraction so the Resistance can live on.

10 Luke Created Kylo Ren


One thing that many fans believe - because both Rey and Kylo Ren believe it - is that Luke Skywalker created Kylo Ren. That is, Luke contemplating the murder of his apprentice is what set Ben Solo on his path towards joining both the Dark Side and Supreme Leader Snoke. It only takes a few moments of thinking back on the movie to realize that this cannot be true.

It’s not even true based Kylo’s twisted perception of Luke’s action. Kylo Ren had already been communicating with Snoke, and Snoke was already providing his mind with dark side secrets and lies. Furthermore, Kylo Ren didn’t hesitate to kill any of Luke’s students who didn’t join him, with apparently no provocation from them. This looks like pre-planned mass murder that Kylo Ren wants to blame Luke for after the fact.

9 Luke Shouldn't Toss His Lightsaber

Many fans took exception to the amount of humor in the movie (more on that in a minute). One of the examples cited is when Luke Skywalker casually throws his lightsaber away after Rey hands it to him. The Force Awakens set this up as an important object to Star Wars mythology: could Luke be throwing it away for any reason other than silly comedy?

The short answer is “yes.” Think back to the ending of Return of the Jedi. Luke had previously channeled his hatred into trying to kill the Emperor. It is only after he throws his new lightsaber away from himself that he can declare he is a Jedi Knight. To Luke, being a Jedi meant rejecting unnecessary violence, and he later fails this standard when he contemplates killing Kylo Ren.

Luke throwing the lightsaber away is a symbolic rejection of the violence that has always haunted him.

8 The Humor Doesn’t Feel Like Star Wars

The Last Jedi is a funny movie. Or, at the very least, a movie making many attempts to be funny. Some fans thought that the film tried too hard, and the final result was a movie with too much humor. This eventually evolved into the argument that too much humor made it feel like the movie wasn’t a Star Wars movie at all.

You don’t have to love it or laugh at it, but humor (and often stupid humor) has been a staple of Star Wars for years. From Han Solo faking a chemical leak on the Death Star to slapstick Ewoks and animals passing gas on Jar-Jar Binks, Star Wars has been filled with weird humor for over four decades. The Last Jedi is no worse on this front than previous movies, and is legitimately much funnier than the Star Wars prequels.

7 The Broom Boy is the next Jedi

A really awesome “blink and you miss it” moment in the movie was seeing the random boy on Canto Bight using the Force to retrieve a broom. Fans instantly went into speculation mode: who is this boy? Is he connected to our favorite characters? Is he going to be the lead character in Rian Johnson’s new Star Wars trilogy?

Unfortunately, this is likely a case of everyone overthinking it. The boy is someone we’ll probably never see again. He is in the movie because of his symbolic value: Luke reminds us that the Force doesn’t belong only to the Jedi but to everyone. Seeing a young man practicing his Force abilities is a reminder that there will never be a “last Jedi,” no matter what Kylo Ren and the First Order do.

6 The Resistance is Doomed


Previously, Empire Strikes Back held the record for bleakest Star Wars movie. We see Rebels die and lose their Hoth base, we see Han frozen in carbonite, Luke losing his hand, and so on. However, Last Jedi asks audiences to hold its beer on “bleakest movie,” as we see literally hundreds of Resistance members die over the course of the film.

Because of this, many fans think that the Resistance is doomed. How the hell can you fight the First Order when the entire Resistance now fits on the Millennium Falcon? However, it’s important to remember that Leia mentions having plenty of allies on the Outer Rim and elsewhere. It’s very likely that the next movie will show these allies bandying much of the galaxy together to defeat the First Order once and for all.

5 The Hyperspace Attack Wouldn't Work

Vice Admiral Holdo’s hyperspace attack with her big ship was the most breathtaking moments in the film. It was also one of the most divisive. Star Wars lore experts, real world physics experts, and even casual fans all ended up questioning whether this attack should have actually worked.

The answer is “yes,” though this is a good place to remind everyone that actual science has little bearing on Star Wars physics. For instance, many assumed a hyperspace attack is impossible because hyperspace is a different dimension. But Rogue One shows us ships going into hyperspace exploding against Vader’s Star Destroyer. Therefore, we know a hyperspace attack could work, but you’d need a much bigger ship to damage your target, and Holdo’s capital ship fits the bill.

As for why the Resistance doesn’t do this all the time, the movie clearly spells out that they don’t have the ships to spare.

4 You Can't Be Cut Off From the Force

Luke Skywalker ended up being as much of a surprise to Rey as he was to the audience. One huge surprise is that Luke Skywalker had cut himself off from the Force. This left fans scratching their heads: just how can Luke opt out of the energy field that surrounds all living things?

This weird move, though, has precedent in Star Wars history. Arguably, the most famous example comes from Knights of the Old Republic 2, where your character has cut herself off from the Force as a way of dealing with the role she played in countless deaths. And in old Tales of the Jedi stories, other Jedi could even remove someone’s Force connection as a punishment. Therefore, Luke (a scholar of the original Jedi texts) should have no problem cutting himself off if he so chooses.

3 Yoda Destroyed the Ancient Jedi Texts

Speaking of those sacred Jedi texts, they play a major role in Luke’s interaction with the Force ghost of Yoda. Luke has decided to make good on his threat to end the Jedi by burning the texts he has been protecting. He hesitates, so Yoda uses the Force to call down lightning and burn down the tree they are contained in.

Audiences, like Luke, assumed that the texts are now gone. And Yoda encourages this belief when he says there is nothing in those books that Rey doesn’t already have. As it turns out, Yoda was pulling one last prank on Luke and the rest of us: eagle-eyed viewers can see that Rey stole the books when she left the planet, and they are safely on the Millenium Falcon. Yoda was telling the truth... from a certain point of view.

2 Rey’s Parents


Another reason fans are salty about The Last Jedi is that it gave seemingly unsatisfying answers to the major questions raised by The Force Awakens. The biggest question was who Rey’s parents are. Her Force vision from Luke’s lightsaber included Obi-Wan Kenobi’s voice saying her name, further fueling speculation that she was somehow connected to a well-known character.

Fans were understandably disappointed at the revelation in The Last Jedi that Rey’s parents were nobodies; drunks who sold her for drinking money and later died. However, it looks like this might not be the truth. While director Rian Johnson believes it to be the case, he has admitted that the ball is in the air for J.J. Abrams (who is returning to direct the final installment) to change what the answer and reveal a legacy family connection. Why should we believe anything Kylo Ren says, after all?

1 Snoke’s Story Is Over

Aside from Rey’s parents, the other big plot letdown for many fans was the death of Snoke. Force Awakens built him up to be the new, mysterious Big Bad of the series, and fans were hoping to learn more about this character in the next two movies. Instead, Kylo Ren betrayed and killed his master, which seems to indicate we've reached the end of his story.

Or have we? The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson has hinted that we may be getting more Snoke in the final episode of the trilogy. This could possibly come in the form of getting more on his background and origin, so long as Episode 9 director J.J. Abrams wants to make it happen. Johnson went so far as to liken Snoke to the Emperor, who we glimpse briefly in Empire Strikes Back and then get a whole lot of in Return of the Jedi!


What else do fans gets wrong about The Last Jedi? Go Force project yourself into the comments!

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