Last Jedi Director Would Make Another Star Wars Film 'In a Heartbeat'

After The Last Jedi, writer and director Rian Johnson's future is uncertain - but he would love to return to the Star Wars franchise. The newest chapter in the Star Wars franchise has been defined by mystery. Lucasfilm have managed to keep things under wraps for their Disney-era Star Wars movies thus far - and when it comes to The Last Jedi, we've been provided with very little insight into the film. Still, what we've learned so far has been exciting.

Thanks to D23 last weekend and Comic-Con this week, more and more about the movie is being revealed. While a new trailer is still a ways off, the behind-the-scenes Last Jedi sizzle reel gave us a taste of the new film. Meanwhile, Johnson has been saying what he can about the movie. So far, we know Rey and Luke are the beating heart of the film and that Leia fans will get a sense of catharsis, thanks to the late Carrie Fisher's performance in the movie. Now, Johnson has assured us he's not only had a blast making the movie, but he's keen to do another Star Wars film too.

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After a fan asked Johnson on his Twitter whether he would be willing to make another tentpole film, the auteur replied emphatically that he was interested if Lucasfilm was:

I would do another SW movie in a heartbeat. I've had the time of my life.

— Rian Johnson (@rianjohnson) July 20, 2017

Considering the recent, much-publicized shake-up with the Han Solo movie and its directors, it's reassuring to hear from Johnson that he's had a positive experience on The Last Jedi. This also echoes comments he made recently about the level of creative control he's had over the film, which is clear given the fact that he both wrote and directed the movie, in a rare feat.

As for wanting to make another Star Wars film, there's every chance Lucasfilm may come to regret assigning a new director to Episode IX before seeing the results of Johnson's work. Barring a change-up with that movie, there's still a proposed spinoff film set for 2020 that doesn't have a director. Rumors have hinted that it could focus on Boba Fett, so perhaps Johnson could be brought aboard.

Meanwhile, Johnson isn't the only one in the Disney camp eager to make a Star Wars film. Yesterday, we heard from the Russo Brothers that they'd love to make a Star Wars movie once Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 are finished. Given how many stories have yet to be told in the galaxy far, far away, there's certainly room for Johnson and the Russos to tackle a Star Wars film. In the meantime, The Last Jedi will just have to hold us over.

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