The Last Jedi Deleted Scene Footage: Luke's Final Lesson To Rey

Lucasfilm has officially released footage from one of Star Wars: The Last Jedi's most notable deleted scenes - Luke Skywalker's third and final lesson to Rey. The Jedi Master audiences meet in Episode VIII is a far cry from the original trilogy's idealistic hero, having grown jaded and cynical in the years since the Galactic Civil War. Following Ben Solo's turn to the dark side, Luke fled to Ahch-To, where he hoped to live the rest of his days in isolation. After decades of failure, he felt it was time for the Jedi Order to end, and he would be the last of them.

Of course, the arrival of Rey throws a monkey wrench in those plans, and Luke is thrust into the role of an unwilling mentor. However, he sought to teach Rey why the Jedi should cease to exist. In the finished film, Skywalker says he'll give the scavenger three lessons and we ultimately see two (The Force doesn't belong to you and the Jedi's hubris did more harm than good). Rey left the remote planet before her training was completed, but her last lesson was shot and ultimately left on the cutting room floor. Now, Lucasfilm has given fans a snippet of the deleted sequence.

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The newest episode of The Star Wars Show includes a brief segment on the upcoming Last Jedi novelization. The book includes all-new sequences written specifically for the text (Han Solo's funeral) and also reinstates some of the movie's deleted scenes. The Rey/Luke scene is highlighted, with a brief clip shown. For context, in the full scene, Rey notices ships sailing towards the Caretaker village, which Luke says belong to raiders who regularly ransack it. With lightsaber in hand, Rey sprints to the village to save the Caretakers, only to discover the aliens (along with Chewbacca and R2-D2) are having a party by bonfire and are in no danger. Luke tells Rey this is meant to show her a more proactive hero than a Jedi is needed. The footage in the video is taken from the aftermath, where Rey admonishes Luke for falling so far from the legend she heard stories about.

There's no denying this would have been an emotionally-charged moment, and some may wish it was left in the film proper. However, Rian Johnson's reasons for cutting it are perfectly understandable. He felt it made Luke almost too unlikable. In the aftermath of the Last Jedi backlash, many have come forward to applaud Johnson for taking bold storytelling risks, but Luke's portrayal was divisive enough without this extra scene to hammer the point home. Instead, Rey's vision in the Ahch-To cave and subsequent conversation with Kylo Ren became her (unofficial) last lesson, spurring her belief Ben Solo could be redeemed.

Fans will be able to see this scene (and others) in full on the Last Jedi Blu-ray, which according to The Star Wars Show is coming soon. Previous reports indicated it would hit shelves at the end of March, though Lucasfilm has yet to comment officially on the matter. Still, with the Episode VIII novelization coming out on March 6, that window sounds plausible for the home media release. The two could be unveiled in conjunction before Solo: A Star Wars Story becomes the main attraction in the galaxy.

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Source: The Star Wars Show

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