Watch The Last Jedi Cast Touch Weird Stuff In Hilarious Video

The cast of The Last Jedi appear in a hilarious new video that pushes their fear of the unknown to the limit. With the latest adventure in the Star Wars saga arriving in theaters this weekend, the stars are on the last legs of their worldwide press tour. It's been an eventful one thus far, featuring revealing interviews and star-studded red carpets. And it's all in preparation for the opening weekend, which is shaping up to be one of the biggest ever. The Last Jedi is currently tracking for a massive $425 worldwide opening. If that number holds true, it would pass Batman v Superman for fourth place on the all time list. Sure, it comes up short of what The Force Awakens was able to rack up, but outperforming its predecessor was never really in the cards for The Last Jedi, anyway.

At any rate, the film should help boost the star profiles of its main cast. (John Boyega and Daisy Ridley, for example, were virtual unknowns before being selected to headline The Force Awakens.) Press tour events like the video featured above certainly don't hurt, as they endear the stars to the audience in ways that straightforward interviews simply can't. They also have a funny little habit of going viral.

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Rather than sit TLJ stars John Boyega and Gwendoline Christie down for a boring old Q+A, Variety had other plans. In the latest installment of their recurring "Fear Box" segment on Youtube, Variety had the actors take turns sticking their hands into a box without knowing the contents. Understandably, the actors were more than a bit unsettled about it.

To be fair, that would be a pretty unnerving activity, especially if you were playing with Boyega, who seems to be having a ton of fun at Christie's expense. But despite the sheer terror the two seem to be experiencing, it looks like they had a blast.

We'd also like to give a tip of the cap to whoever decided on the order of the objects the actors would be touching, because the reptiles that the two had to deal with in the first round clearly left them rattled for the rest of the game. Fun videos like these are great for exposure, and more often than not, offscreen chemistry makes its way on camera. Everybody wins! So if the pair's badass fight sequence in The Last Jedi hadn't brought them closer together, this should do it.

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Source: Variety

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