Star Wars: 15 Things That Make No Sense About The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedithe eighth episode in the series, is finally here. The movie is already scoring big in the box-office and pleasing both fans and critics due to its tense story and explosive action. Rian Johnson has been named the writer and director of a new, original Star Wars trilogy, so if this dark, emotionally intimate movie is an indication of the types of future Star Wars stories audiences may get, this is cause for celebration.

No matter how good The Last Jedi is, there are a few things just don't make sense. Obviously, things like the Force and light-speed travel aren't listed here because those things actually make sense within the context of the Star Wars universe. Instead, The Last Jedi had a few worthless plot points that seemed put in for convenience sake or to quickly tie off loose threads. None of these points ruin the whole movie, but when the dust settles and fans begin debating these issues will jump to the top of the argument list.

In a franchise that looks at the tole of galactic conquest over a period of decades, it's understandable a few confusing things will make it into the movie, but that doesn't mean the audience has to overlook them!

Come discover the 15 Things That Make No Sense About The Last Jedi! 

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15 Rose and Finn Made it Across the Salt Mines

During the final conflict, Finn tries to sacrifice himself in order to take out a giant First Order cannon that could tear down the rebel's last line of defense. At the last moment, Rose comes cruising in to save the day and sends her sandspeeder crashing into his to push him off his path. In that selfless moment, Rose became one of the rebel heroes she previously idolized and even scored a kiss from Finn at the last moment.

The downside of her action was the fact that she falls unconscious on the battlefield. The Last Jedi never shows how the two of them return to the base, it just cuts to them being back with the gang as Rose still lies unconscious. Their ships were broken and it's unlikely Finn could carry her there and evade First Order firepower, so how did they do it?

14 The Droids See Force Luke

Star Wars The Last Jedi teaser trailer - Luke and R2-D2

At the end of the movie, Luke force projects himself to the Rebel base to defend them from the oncoming First Order attack. While he's mostly there to see his sister Leia and apologize about the past, he is seen by everyone in the base - which is strange enough, as traditionally only Force users have seen such projections.

The people aren't the only one's who see him, though, even the droids are able to register his presence. Droids might have incredible sensors on their body, but are they really capable of sensing astral projections nearby?

Also, none of the characters seemed surprised to see him or thought to ask him how he entered the room. Characters like Poe had no reason to assume he was a Force projection, so seeing him should have immediately pushed him to explain how he got in so the Rebels could escape the same way.

13 Princess Leia: Superwoman?

The Star Wars franchise has already alluded to the fact that Leia may have her own special abilities, but until The Last Jedi hit theaters fans were never given a sure sign of her power. This time around, Leia's connection to the force is put on full display.

After a rebel ship is attacked by a First Order gunner, Leia and a few other crew members are sucked into the vacuum of space. Instead of dying right then and there, Leia essentially comes back to life and floats back toward the ship while glowing. Upon returning to the ship she collapses into a coma, but that doesn't change the fact Leia used the Force to essentially save her life or resurrect herself.

Perhaps Leia is tapped into another energy or maybe she is the most powerful Force-wielder in the universe, only time will tell.

12 Is BB-8 a Pet?

Sphero BB8 Watches Force Awakens

BB-8 is a pretty capable droid. He's able to survive on the battlefield and evade being captured by the First Order numerous times. More than just a regular droid, BB-8 is a capable companion who is essentially treated like a pet by Poe Dameron.

It's clear that Poe and BB-8 have a special relationship, but The Last Jedi pulled it to a new level. With lines like "there's my droid," Poe expresses his love for BB-8 multiple times throughout the movie. After the two reunite, Poe can be seen rubbing BB-8's lower orb in a way that is reminiscent of someone rubbing their dog's belly. Can BB-8 feel when it is being pet and does BB-8 like it? Are droids the Star Wars equivalent of pets combined with personal assistants?

11 Snoke is Blind to Kylo's Betrayal

Supreme Leader Snoke loves to brag about his ability to control people. When he finally meets Rey face-to-face, he is explaining to her that he has the ability to shape and read Kylo's mind. Every thought Kylo has is likely filtered through Snoke's manipulative abilities, if he is to be believed.

Well, clearly Snoke isn't as all-knowing as he thought he was. As he is talking about how much control over he has over Kylo, he is caught off guard and struck down. Kylo, who is tasked with killing Rey in that moment, uses the force to turn on a lightsaber near Snoke and cut him in half. Just like that, the supposed most powerful being in the universe was killed despite the fact that he said he could control his murderer.

10 Finn and Rose don't get Hurt Riding Through the Casino

During the second act, Finn and Rose find themselves sneaking through a casino on Canto Bight. The casino has a track made for betting on Fathier races. Rose feels bad for the creatures due to their harsh captivity and decides to set them free. A crazy sequence ensues where dozens of fathiers, a creature that looks like a cross between a dog and a horse, takes place after wards as they stampede their way through the casino, crashing into everything in their path.

Rose and Finn are strapped into a saddle on one of the fathiers for what turns out to be a crazy ride. The fathier they are strapped to jumps around, crashes onto things and makes other crazy maneuvers that could easily have caused them to hit their heads or legs on a hard impact. Instead, Finn and Rose somehow make it through the whole escapade unscathed.

9 Luke Disappears

At the end of the film, Luke finally makes his triumphant return to the resistance and reunites with his sister Leia. The rebels' only hope, Luke single handedly stares down the AT-AT brigade and has a Matrix-esque lightsaber duel with Kylo Ren.

It is revealed that Luke himself wasn't there and his presence was simply a Force projection all the way from Anch-To. While that was that was certainly an impressive feat of strength that understandably drained him, but when he disappears out of nowhere like Obi-Won does it's a little puzzling. Luke's Force clone withstood a good bit of damage, but he never seemed to show any pain on the battlefield. Hopefully, this isn't the last audiences see of Luke, because it was a relatively confusing sendoff for such an iconic hero.

8 Why did DJ Wait to Escape Til Finn and Rose Were There?

Benicio Del Toro as DJ in Star Wars The Last Jedi

When Rose and Finn first find themselves imprisoned on Canto Bight, Benicio Del Toro's shady DJ is their cellmate. This smooth-talking hacker insists he can help them break out of their cell. With a simple card, he jimmies the electric lock and opens the door for all of them to escape.

While it is later revealed that DJ sold them out to the First Order, that betrayal took place after they already escaped the room. With that said, why did DJ wait for two more people to break out of prison? Clearly, three people is a bigger target than one and he likely would have been able to get away on his own.

Most likely DJ will be back in Episode 9 and audiences will learn about his backstory, but it won't explain why he waited to escape in the first place!

7 The Knights of Ren

Knights of Ren in Star Wars The Force Awakens

The Knights of Ren were subtly introduced to the Star Wars mythology in The Force Awakens. While Kylo may be the only one to wield a lightsaber in the film, Snoke refers to him as their master, hinting at the fact that they are also wielders of the force.

The Last Jedi tells audiences what happened to Luke and his attempt to re-establish the Jedi temple. After believing Ben Solo has shifted to the dark side, Luke sneaks into his bedchambers. Unfortunately, this triggers Ben into thinking he's being attacked and he quickly brings the building down onto his master. Ben went on to kill most of the students at the temple, but took a few people with him. Those pupils are the most likely suspects to be the Knights of Ren, but their identities are still unknown and their presence in The Last Jedi wasn't even felt.

6 The Millennium Falcon Still Works With Porgs In The Wires

Porg Star Wars The Last Jedi Milennium Falcon

The Millenium Falcon is a delicate ship. Over the years, and even in The Last Jedi, people have to fix the wires and jimmy things around to make sure the ship will work properly. When Chewie and Rey land on Anch-To, audiences are introduced to porgs for the first time. At first, Chewie has a strange relationship with the creatures and he even decides to put down his roasted dinner after an emotional look from a few porgs.

Their friendship is cute, but it's a bit odd that Chewie would let the porgs nest in the wall-panels of the Falcon. He knows better than anyone just how much maintenance the ship needs, so it's silly for him to allow that to happen. Miraculously, the ship still works and the Falcon is able to successfully draw the First Order ships away from the Rebel fighters in the third act.

5 Why Did Admiral Holdo Keep The Plan To Herself For So Long?

While Leia recovered from her coma, Laura Dern's Vice Admiral Haldo took charge of the Rebel fleet. With the First Order hot on their tail, Haldo presented a face of calm to her crew. Unfortunately for them, she also stayed mum about her plans on what to do. This led to an argument between her and Poe as he demands to find out what's going on.

While it makes sense that she doesn't trust Poe as much as Leia did, she doesn't gain anything by keeping her plan a secret from her own people for so long. Ultimately, she tries to sneak people off the ship through different transportation pods, but it's not like anyone on her team was going to broadcast that information to the First Order.

4 BB-8: Master Butt Kicker?

BB8 Finn Thumbs Up The Force Awakens Star Wars

BB-8 is a lot more than just a cute droid. A droid for a new generation, BB-8 does a lot more than blunder around like C-3PO and R2-D2 did in the original trilogy. iIn addition to riding around with Poe Dameron and doing its best to keep ships well maintained, BB-8 found itself in the middle of a fight scene.

BB-8 may have a lot of tech tucked inside him, but it's a small droid that can easily be contained. During the first of its two fight scenes, BB-8 subdues three guards by shooting casino coins at them, something that would definitely hurt but could easily be avoided. A few minutes later, BB-8 saves Finn and Rose from a First Order regiment by piloting an AT-ST.

Fighting droids are nothing new to Star Wars, but this presentation of BB-8 just feels like fan service.

3 Luke Misses The New Generation

Jedi Masters, on both the light and dark side, are capable of noticing a change in the force. Palpetine can sense Anakin's power in the prequels and Snoke can even sense how powerful Rey is from across the galaxy. Luke Skywalker is the most powerful good Jedi in the universe by the time The Last Jedi rolls around, and yet he's not able to sense a large shift in the Force.

At the end of the movie, it is revealed that a young boy actually has control over the Force and it implies there may be others like him. Throughout the movie, Luke refers to himself as the last Jedi and admits that he could sense Rey's power. If that is true, why weren't he and Snoke able to sense the new Force users sprouting up around the galaxy?

2 Light Speed Tracking

The movie's primary B-plot involves Finn and Rose trying to figure out how to hack into the First Order ships to stop their tracking systems. Somehow the First Order was able to follow the Rebel fleet across the galaxy even after they used light speed, so the rebels have to figure out a way to stop it in order to successfully escape.

There was a paper-thin explanation for the tracking given, but everyone was shocked that they were able to be tracked through light speed. Finn is knowledgeable about the First Order ships, but his reasoning just specified that the tracking was only coming from one of the ships, so they need to hack into one ship to stop the signal.

Beyond that, there's no explanation given to how the First Order was able to track through light speed, something the entire Rebel fleet was flabbergasted about.

1 Who is Snoke?

Snoke and the First Jedi in Star Wars The Last Jedi

Whether or not audiences like the fact that Snoke was abruptly taken out of the equation in The Last Jedi or not, one thing stands: we don't know much about him. The Supreme Leader of the First Order surely has an interesting backstory, but that information is still a secret. As of now, no one knows how he earned his reputation, acquired his power, or where he got the money to run a galactic army!

Clearly Snoke is an old individual, so finding out where he was during either the prequels or original trilogy would have been interesting. Some fan rumors thought he would be revealed as Darth Plagueis, Palpatine's old master, but it seems Snoke is just Snoke. There's a chance this information could be expanded upon in Episode 9 or a spin-off book, but as of now, there are a lot of things about Snoke that just aren't clear yet.


What did you think of these The Last Jedi plot points? Did something else stand out to you as confusing? Hit the comment section and share your thoughts!

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