Historically, PlayStation’s E3 conferences are filled with surprises and a plethora of exclusive titles and it was no different this year as fans finally got announcements for games they’ve been waiting years for like the hotly anticipated reveal of Resident Evil 7.

A lot of Japanese titles were on hand including Hideo Kojima’s first game from his new studio titled Death Stranding that features The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus. But the longest awaited game award has to go to Team Ico’s The Last Guardian, first announced in 2009. The sequel to ICO and Shadow of the Colossus finally has a release date penned for this fall, alongside a new trailer.

October 25, 2016 is the day the industry has been waiting for as The Last Guardian skips the PS3 generation and lands on PS4. The trailer showed off some shots we’ve previously seen before, but also introduced a new character in the form of a second creature. Some puzzles and enemy combatants also show up as Trico, the giant bird protecting the player, is involved in most of the action. The character then asks, “What’s wrong? Are your wings broken?” to his hybrid creature before the fall release date is shown to a roar from the E3 crowd at the Shrine Auditorium while a full orchestra played out the proceedings.

The Last Guardian - E3 2016 Trailer

Not much is known about how the game will actually play besides a brief section showed to the public at last year’s E3, which itself was an earlier portion of the game that was previously shown. It will be interesting to see how much gameplay the young boy is tasked with, as everything we have seen shows him being more of a liability than a properly playable character since he’s only used simple platforming to complete objectives as far as the demos have shown.

The announcement ends years of speculation as the team at gen DESIGN near the worldwide launch of The Last Guardian and can hopefully begin work, after a well-deserved vacation, on new projects for the PlayStation 4. The game’s date makes it one of a pair of PlayStation exclusives launching this holiday season alongside Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo Sport and a deluge of PlayStation VR titles, with the headset launching this October.

The Last Guardian is set to release on October 25 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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