Last Comic Standing: More of the same?

As many of you already know, John Heffron received the title of Last Comic Standing last Thursday. For once, I was pleasantly surprised. I thought he deserved to win, but I wasn't sure if people really got his brand of humor. I was happy to see that he got the recognition he deserved. His routine about the "We Gotta Go Girl" had me in stitches.

What has me going into rant mode is the fact that there's a new season starting on August 30. Rather than choose from a diverse pool of talent (as in the previous two seasons), the top 10 from Season 1 and the top 10 from Season 2 will be brought back. Each group of 10 will live in a separate house, and all the comics will compete against each other for the title of Last Regurgitated Comic Standing. (Okay, I added the word "regurgitated" myself.) As soon as I heard this, my first reaction was, "What a stupid idea." With all the talented stand-up comics out there who could use a big break like this, why bring back a group of mostly stale comics whose routines we have already seen and heard? At the very least, we should be able to vote on who returns and who doesn't.

Overall, I didn't find most of the comics from Season 1 very funny at all. Even the winner, Dat Phan, wasn't the funniest one to me. I thought Ralphie May (the runner-up) deserved that distinction. Other than Rich Vos, the rest were entirely forgettable in my book. Most of the Season 2 comics were much better by comparison, but I really don't have a need to relive the rivalry between them. Shouldn't the focus be on finding the funniest stand-up comic? If all we're doing is watching the "reality TV" shenanigans of people cooped up together, why not just watch Survivor? I think this is a ratings mistake. Causing the audience's eyes to glaze over with something they've already seen will take the show from a modest hit down to "boat anchor" status. Remember, many of the fall shows are premiering sometime in September, so the competition will be intense. When multiple cafeterias are competing for business, serving leftovers isn't a good business model.


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