Does Last Christmas Have An End-Credits Scene?

Emilia Clarke in Last Christmas

Does Last Christmas have an end-credits scene setting up a potential sequel or offering further holiday fun for moviegoers? Based around the music of George Michael and his hit holiday song "Last Christmas," the movie is directed by Paul Feig and stars Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding. Like many of Feig's movies, it focuses on well-developed female characters. Last Christmas tells the story the dysfunctional Kate (Clarke) who meets a handsome stranger named Tom (Golding), and starts to get her life back on track just as the two hit a snag in their budding relationship. The film was co-written by Emma Thompson, who also has a supporting role as Kate's mother, while Michelle Yeoh additionally co-stars as the owner of the year-round Christmas shop where Kate works.

When the Last Christmas movie trailer first released, viewers were quick to spot that the film isn't a typical holiday romance. Now, Last Christmas is starting to hit theaters around the world just in time for the holiday season and moviegoers will get to see for themselves if they were able to guess the twist.

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Those checking out Last Christmas in theaters may be wondering if they need to stick around until the very end of the movie for any additional teases or Easter eggs. Last Christmas does NOT have a post-credits scene, or any other extras at the very end. While the credits are always worth watching to appreciate who was involved in making a film, moviegoers seeing Last Christmas shouldn't expect any end-credits scenes.

Michelle Yeoh and Emilia Clarke in Last Christmas

It certainly makes sense that Last Christmas wouldn't include an end-credits scene, since such stingers are typically used to set up a sequel or a further installment in a franchise. For instance, Marvel Studios uses post-credits scenes to set up future movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But, since Last Christmas is a standalone movie, it doesn't fall into that category. Plus, though some enjoyed Feig's latest, many Last Christmas movie reviews have been mixed-to-negative. As such, even if Feig had a sequel in mind, it remains to be seen if the movie will be successful enough to warrant a follow up.

Of course, other films use post-credits scenes to add an extra joke or resolve a particular story or character thread, but Last Christmas wraps up entirely before the credits begin to roll. So there isn't any obvious possibility for an end-credits scene. It's certainly not a requirement that movies incorporate post-credits scenes somehow, but they are a fun addition to the theatrical experience for fans that stick around. However, in the cast of Last Christmas, fans shouldn't expect any credits scenes.

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