The Last Airbender International Posters

New Posters for The Last Airbender

Courtesy of our pals at Latino Review (via the fine folks at Paramount), comes a whole cache of new posters for The Last Airbender.

For those who weren't as obsessed with Nickelodeon show as some of my friends, the movie is about the war-inclined Fire Nation taking on three other elementally-inclined nations in an epic war. Aang, portrayed by Noah Ringer, is The Last Airbender, who can control all the elements and is prophesied to end the war and unite the combatants.

I'm pretty skeptical when Shyamalan is involved in any film after that business with The Village, but I have to admit,  the trailer for Airbender looks pretty neat.

There's some beautiful imagery in these new posters, and of course, now we all know how to say The Last Airbender in French and German. I will say this, however - it is a pout fest. Seriously, take a look:


The Last Airbender German Poster
The Last Airbender 3D International Poster
The Last Airbender Katara Sokka
The Last Airbender Aang International Poster
The Last Airbender Zuko International Poster

So are you guys ready to bend some air, or what? The Last Airbender will be in theaters July 2nd en 3D.

Source: Latino Review

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