How The Flash Season 3.5 Will Deal with Savitar's Prophecy 

The Flash Season 3 Shade Savitar

Now in season 3, The Flash has brought some amazing things to the screen. In just over 50 episodes, the writers and producers have gone from Barry Allen becoming a superhero to learning to travel through time and hop to alternate dimensions. He's battled many of his greatest rogues, introduced the idea of the multiverse to the world started in Arrow, and caused all sorts of havoc across the timestream.

Luckily, the second half of season 3 will be packed full of new and returning characters, exciting adventures, and even some singing and dancing. Just today, it was learned that Music Meister has been cast as the villain for the anticipated Flash/Supergirl musical crossover. Meanwhile, Gypsy will eventually help Cisco on the road to becoming Vibe, while Eddie Thawne will pop back up. All that excitement will be good for Team Flash, as Savitar's dire prophecy last year has left everyone at S.T.A.R. Labs feeling anxious.

EW sat down with producer Aaron Helbing to discuss, among other things, how Savitar's words of warning will affect the show and its characters as season 3 moves forward.

“The thing about Savitar is he’s a villain, and he’s going to say things that may or may not come true. It’s going to get the team thinking and looking at each other — Who is going to have a fate worse than death? Who is going to betray the team? — those are things that will be revealed. But in the beginning, you see Savitar, he’s evil, he’s going to say things to get under Barry’s skin and the team’s skin and try to stoke as much distrust as he can. We’re going to play with that first and eventually, we’ll deal with the prophecy.”

The Flash Savitar Kills Iris West

The way Helbing tells it, Savitar's prophecy could all be a lot of hot air. And why not? Villains getting into the heads of heroes is an old tactic, and it sadly seems to work a lot. Heroes, unfortunately, have a bad habit of buying into the prophecies of their rogues.

Regardless, the words of Savitar are sure to loom large over the heads of the show's heroes. That's especially true of Barry, who's trip to the future during the midseason finale seemingly confirmed at least part of the God of Speed's prophetic claims. Hopefully, things won't grow too dire on the show, as The Flash is always at its best when there's a lightheartedness to the proceedings.

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The Flash returns with ‘Borrowing Problems from the Future’ on Tuesday, January 24 at 8pm on The CW.

Source: EW

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