Larry David Cross-Dressing as a Nun for 'The Three Stooges'

After nearly three years and one delay after another, the Farrelly Brothers' Three Stooges film is finally gaining traction. Over the course of the last few weeks, the film-making team has cast a number of pivotal roles including confirmation of two out of three stooges as well as Mother Superior, who raises the three knuckleheads in her orphanage.

Now The Three Stooges cast has added one more female lead, played by Curb Your Enthusiasm star, and man, Larry David.

As mentioned there have been a slew of additions to the cast in the last several weeks, rivaled only by the relentless Hunger Games announcements for rapid-fire casting news. One month ago, Will Sasso ($#*! My Dad Says) was locked for knuckled-head Curly and, one week later, Will & Grace actor Sean Hayes was confirmed for the dopey Larry. Head-Stooge Moe remains the only lead role still up in the air, although 24's Chris Diamantopoulos is rumored to be the front-runner. Next up, in the supporting cast, was Glee star Jane Lynch as Mother Superior - who will head the orphanage where the Stooges grow-up.

But Lynch isn't the only nun that will be featured in the film as, according to Deadline, David will step into the traditional habit-wear as Mother Mengele, the sister in charge of the orphanage. An interesting choice for sure - but, at the same time, one that could offer-up some hilarious moments in the final film. Not to mention, as Curb fans can attest, this isn't the first time David has dressed in lady clothing for laughs - i.e. Season 7: Episode 8.

Larry David Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 5

The scenes with Lynch's Mother Superior and David's Mengele should serve-up some interesting flashback material - though, it'll be interesting to see how much, if any, screen-time Sasso, Hayes, and Diamantopoulos (assuming he joins-up) will share with the comedy icons.

The scenes in the orphanage will undoubtedly take place when the Stooges are much younger and serve as one of the film's three "shorts" - each of which take place at a different period in the lives of the titular characters (childhood, adolescence, and adulthood). That said, there's always the possibility that the Stooges could revisit the orphanage later in life (i.e. act two and/or three).

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Source: Deadline

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