Larry David & Bernie Sanders Learn They're Cousins on PBS TV Series

You can now watch the moment that Bernie Sanders and Larry David learned that they're related on the PBS show Finding Your Roots. There are certain things that American citizens have come to expect during election years: a year of the top news stories being election-related, days when traffic explodes due to a candidate's visit, social media debates, and thousands of memes about politicians, promises, and policies. Not to mention, the barrage of political imitations and sketches on Saturday Night Live.

From SNL regular Kate McKinnon's triple threat imitations of Hilary Clinton, Jeff Sessions, and Kellyanne Conway to the return of former cast member Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer to frequent guest star Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump - an imitation that he is now repeating in SNL season 43 - there are plenty examples of the latter to choose from. While Baldwin's take on Trump has dominated the political sketches for awhile, audiences would be remiss if they forgot that earlier in the 2016 election, another guest star was perfectly nailing one of Trump's competitors. Larry David appeared regularly on SNL during the earlier days of the election to play candidate Bernie Sanders - an imitation so good and so funny that Sanders himself made it clear how much he enjoyed it. In fact, Sanders popped up in a sketch on Saturday Night Live opposite Larry David, who was hosting that night.

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David's imitation of Sanders was a frequent element of SNL up through to Hilary Clinton winning the Democratic Primary last year. So, a few months ago, when David mentioned that he and Sanders are distant cousins, it wasn't really a shock to viewers who had enjoyed these imitations. Now COS is reporting that audiences can see the moment both men found out that they actually share a bloodline, which occurred when both of them appeared on the PBS series Finding Your Roots.

On Finding Your Roots, celebrity guests have their DNA tested and then find out interesting facts about their heritage by flipping through a book along with host Henry Louis Gates Jr. For three seasons actors, musicians, and other celebrities have learned about who they are and where they come from. Sometimes they have even learned about familial connections, such as when married couple Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick learned they are distantly related in the first season.

The fourth season premiere featured both Larry David and Bernie Sanders learning about their heritage. Both men learned are nearly 100% Jewish, a fact which did not seem to be much of a surprise. But when Gates told them that a relative was discovered - by comparing their DNA to everyone else who was ever tested for the show - David quipped that he hoped it was an athlete. Instead, both men were delighted to realize they share a common ancestor. David happily accepted Cousin Bernie while Sanders dissolved into laughter, mentioning that he often told people that Larry David was the better Bernie Sanders between the two of them.

Sanders may not have won the election last year, but at least he figured out who he can hang out with during the next family reunion.

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Finding Your Roots season 4 premieres Friday, October 6th at 4:30 PM on PBS.

Source: COS

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