New Lamborghini Looks Basically Like A Batmobile

Lamborghini unveils the new Vision GT, and the car's stylish futuristic design leads to fans comparing the vehicle to the famous Batmobile.

The newest model of the Lamborghini, the Vision GT, was unveiled, and it looks almost exactly like a Batmobile. The Batmobile, of course, is the iconic vehicle used by none other than Batman, to speed through the streets of Gotham in his war against crime. It’s easily up there on a list of the most famous cars in fiction. While Bruce Wayne has already been depicted driving Lamborghinis in The Dark Knight trilogy, none of the previous Lambos quite resembled the Batmobile like the Vision GT does.

The Batmobile’s first appearance coincided with Batman’s own comic book debut, in Detective Comics #27. When readers were introduced to the Batmobile, it was actually a regular-looking, red car. It also was not referred to specifically by its iconic name until Detective Comics #48. Since that debut, the Batmobile has had many different looks, upgrading with the times, from the Tumbler in Batman Begins, to the machine gun-loaded Batmobile from Batman v. Superman.

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In a tweet posted by the Gran Turismo Twitter account, the company shared the footage of the Lamborghini Vision Gran Turismo being revealed during the World Finals of the Gran Turismo Championships in Monte Carlo, Monaco. The tarp hiding the new supercar was finally lifted to give the world a look. The epic music and literal sparks flying out over the car added to the fanfare. There is a whir of the engine as the video clip comes to an end.

Looking at the car's design, it wasn't long at all before fans started to compare the look of the futuristic Vision GT to modern iterations of the Batmobile. It definitely has the appearance of something Bruce Wayne would drive; the driver enters through the front of the car and into the cabin like a jet fighter. People will undoubtedly appreciate the Vision GT and have fun imagining a real-life Batmobile on the road, but this car surely won't be the easiest to own. Fortunately, the Vision GT will probably be included in upcoming racing games, allowing gamers to hit the (cyber) track in style. Even in a video game, this car would look great.

It'll be interesting to see if the Vision GT finds its way onto the big screen in the near future. Director Matt Reeves is currently putting together a cast for The Batman, headlined by Robert Pattinson as the next Bruce Wayne. Vehicles are an integral part of any Batman adaptation, so all eyes will be on how the Batmobile evolves this time around. Since there have been two recent cinematic interpretations (Christian Bale and Ben Affleck), the onus will be on Reeves to come up with something to set his take apart. Utilizing Lamborghini's real-world Batmobile would be a nice touch.

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Source: Gran Turismo

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