Disney's Lady & The Tramp Cast Guide: How The Dogs Compare To The Original

Here's how new live-action Lady and the Tramp characters compare to the original and what the cast looks like in real life. One of Disney's best-loved musicals, Lady and the Tramp was originally released in 1955 and followed the budding romance between the upper-class Cocker Spaniel, Lady, and the mixed breed stray dog, Tramp. It's perhaps best remembered for the iconic scene where the two dogs share a plate of spaghetti, but the animated movie itself feels dated and tired in many ways.

Now, Lady and the Tramp has received an overhaul in the form of a live-action remake. Directed by Charlie Bean (The LEGO Ninjago Movie), Lady and the Tramp will be the first Disney live-action remake to not have a theatrical release. Instead, it will arrive on Disney+ streaming platform on November 12th, 2019.

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The first trailer for Lady and the Tramp, released at D23, released a first look at both the canine and the human characters. While most are recognizable, there are some changes to the original character list. Here's the full breakdown of the character changes and who's voicing who.

Tessa Thompson is Lady

Lady and Tramp Voice Actress Tessa Thompson

An adorable American Cocker Spaniel, the puppy Lady is gifted to Darling from her husband, Jim Dear. She is part of a wealthy, privileged household and fits all definitions of a pampered pooch. She struggles with the arrival of the Dear's new baby, and the way Aunt Sarah treats her when she comes to stay.

Lady is voiced by Tessa Thompson, best known for Thor: Ragnarok, Creed and Westworld. Unlike the Disney "live-action" remakes of The Jungle Book and The Lion King from Jon Favreau, Lady and the Tramp uses real animals, with Lady is played by a dog named Rose, who is the spitting image of the animated version.

Justin Theroux is Tramp

Lady and Tramp Voice Actor Justin Theroux

Tramp is a neighborhood stray, who boldly says he enjoys his nomadic lifestyle. However, like other strays, he lives in constant fear of the dog catcher and being taken to the pound. He meets and falls in love with Lady, and delights in showing her life in the city.

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Tramp is voiced by Justin Theroux, best known The LeftoversMullholland Drive and The Girl On The Train, and portrayed on-screen by Monte, a rescue dog. While Lady looks more or less identical to her animated counterpart, Tramp does look different, although that's only to be expected since Tramp isn't a thoroughbred.

Sam Elliot is Trusty

Lady and Tramp Trusty Voice Sam Elliott

Trusty is a faithful old Bloodhound living next door to Lady. He takes Lady under his wing, explaining to her what a baby is when he figures Darling is pregnant. He is also instrumental in rescuing Tramp from the dog-catcher. Trusty looks much as he did in the original movie, and is voiced by Sam Elliot (A Star Is Born).

Janelle Monaé is Peg

Lady and Tramp Peg Voice Janelle Monae

Peg is a stray Pekingese, named after and originally voiced by Peggy Lee. In the new live-action version, she is voiced by Janelle Monaé, who also performs on the soundtrack. In the original animated movie, Lee also voiced Si and Am, Aunt Sarah's Siamese cats. It's not yet clear whether Monaé will also voice these since the characters are being reworked and their song rewritten owing to its racist connotations.

Ashley Jensen is Jock

Lady and Tramp Jock Voice Ashley Jensen

The character of Jock is the biggest change from the original animated movie. Originally the character was a male Scottish Terrier who also lived in the neighborhood with Lady and Trusty. In the 2019 movie, Ashley Jensen (best known for her work with Ricky Gervais on Extras and After Life) voices the character. Although at first it was reported the gender-swapped character had been renamed Jackie, it appears the dog is still called Jock.

Benedict Wong is Bull

Lady and Tramp Bull Voice Benedict Wong

Bull is a Bulldog who lives in the pound. He was not a large role in the original movie, but will play a bigger part this time around. He is voiced by Benedict Wong (Doctor Strange, Avengers: Endgame).

Kiersey Clemons is Darling

In the original movie, not much is seen of the humans. In fact, Darling is mostly shown in profile, or just her legs. It's still unclear if Darling is her real name, or if it's the name Lady decides she must have, since Jim always calls her that. Darling is very much loved by Lady, and when she has her baby, Lady is wary at first but soon becomes protective of it. Darling is played by Kiersey Clemons, best known for playing Bianca in Transparent.

Thomas Mann is Jim Dear

Again, "Jim Dear" is what we hear Darling calling her husband, so his last name is likely something different, but there's something altogether quaint and charming about the dogs assuming it. Lady's human daddy is played by Thomas Mann (Kong: Skull Island).

Yvette Nicole Brown is Aunt Sarah

Aunt Sarah comes to stay with her two cats, when Jim Dear and Darling have to go out of town. She dislikes and distrusts Lady, and tries to muzzle her. This leads to Lady running away, where she is rescued by Tramp. Aunt Sarah is played by Yvette Nicole Brown (Community, Elena of Avalor).

Adrian Martinez is Elliot

Elliot is a dog-catcher, and the fact that he has a name implies this is a significantly bigger role than the animated Lady and the Tramp. Nothing is known about Elliot at present, but he is responsible for constantly trying to catch Tramp. Adrian Martinez is best known for The Blacklist: Redemption.

Arturo Castro is Marco

Nothing is listed about the character of Marco, but the Italian name implies he could well be either the owner of the restaurant that feeds Lady and Tramp or someone who works there. Originally the restaurant was called Tony's, but that may have changed. Arturo Castro is known for playing Jamie Castro on Broad City.

Ken Jeong and F. Murray Abraham

Both Ken Jeong and F. Murray Abraham are listed as starring in Lady and the Tramp (and not as voice artists), but it is not known who they could be playing. As Lady and the Tramp's release date draws closer, we are likely to have more details.

Si and Am

Lady and the Tramp Siamese cats

As previously mentioned, Si and Am, Aunt Sarah's Siamese cats, will appear in the movie, but they are being reworked. Their appearance, along with their song "We Are Siamese (If you Please)" may have been acceptable in 1955, but in 2019 it's hugely culturally insensitive and racist. Janelle Monaé is recording a new version of their song, but we don't know who is voicing the cats or what they will look like.

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