Lady & The Tramp Trailer #2 Spotlights Cartoony CG/Live-Action Animals

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Disney+ releases a second trailer for its Lady and the Tramp remake, further highlighting the film's cartoony CG/live-action dogs. Given Disney's recent box office success remaking their animated hits, it's little surprise they've decided to carry the practice over to their streaming service. The studio reportedly has a handful of CG/live-action retellings in the pipeline for Disney+, including a new version of The Sword in the Stone. Up first will be Lady and the Tramp, a re-imagining of Disney's 1955 classic (itself based on Ward Greene's story, Happy Dan, The Cynical Dog).

Set to begin streaming when Disney+ launches in November, Lady and the Tramp will revisit the beloved story of pampered American cocker spaniel Lady and her romance with a street-wise stray dog known as the Tramp (voiced by Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux). The film kicked of its marketing back in August with a trailer that largely unfolded from Lady's perspective. Fittingly, then, the new trailer shifts gears and shows more of the story from Tramp's POV.

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Today, Disney released a second trailer for Lady and the Tramp online, with just under four weeks to go before it premieres. You can check it out, below.

This new trailer includes a lot more footage of Lady and the Tramp themselves than the previous trailer did, but also dives deeper into the film's all too familiar story. The characters were bought to life by real-life dogs (as were their furry costars) during filming, which is a change from the similarly photorealistic, but completely CG animals in this summer's The Lion King. Lady and the Tramp's digitally-animated mouths and facial expressions still look a bit wonky, if only because real-life dogs, well, don't actually talk like humans. At the same time, they're far better at emoting than The Lion King's characters were, judging by the clips released so far.

Plot-wise, Lady and the Tramp writer Andrew Bujalski (Computer Chess) and director Charlie Bean (The LEGO Ninjago Movie) appear to be sticking very closely to the animated film. Like previous Disney remakes, though, the movie will try to "correct" the parts of its predecessor that stick out like a sore thumb these days. In the case of Lady and the Tramp, that includes making Lady actively involved in rescuing Tramp when he's captured by the dog catcher, as seen in the new trailer. And while Aunt Sarah's (Yvette Nicole Brown) cats will once again get Lady in trouble in this version, it's been reported that Janelle Monáe (who also voices Peg) will reinvent the 1955 movie's "The Siamese Cat Song" to make it less racially insensitive.

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