10 Funniest Reactions To The Live-Action Remake Of Lady And The Tramp

Disney has been creating many live-action versions of their most popular animated films, and it seems Lady And The Tramp is the most recent one. While no one will be able to view the actual film until it is released on Disney’s streaming service on November 12, 2019, the trailer was recently released.

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Movies that are as big of a deal as this one typically tend to receive lots of different reactions from the fans once the trailer comes out, and this film is no different. Between the cast members and the overall romantic vibe in the movie, fans have had a lot to talk about. Here are some of the funniest reactions to the live-action version of Lady And The Tramp.

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10 Not Everyone Likes It

While some people have definitely been in favor of this new movie coming out, others have had some negative thoughts about it. This has resulted in Disney movie fans posting awesome memes on social media to express their disdain for it.

While lots of people are usually excited about their favorite films being remade, there are many of them that believe that a film should not be remade if it was already a classic in the first place. Lots of the fans of the original cartoon simply don’t like the idea of something they love being potentially ruined, which is why a few of them think a remake is a bad idea.

9 Fans Are Upset Over Some Interesting Things

Moviegoers have found some interesting reasons to be upset with the live-action Lady And The Tramp, and one of them is the fact that some believe there is an age difference between the two lead canine characters in the film.

While that may or may not be the case, the idea that anyone would be upset about that is kind of funny, and some social media users are pointing out at how ridiculous that is. Age gaps between a couple of dogs are not really that big of a deal, and even if there is a gap, it doesn’t seem to be a very big one.

8 Lost In Translation

Sometimes when certain words are translated from one language to another, the meaning gets lost in the process, and apparently not even Lady And The Tramp could be saved from that. This kind of thing can change the meaning of an entire sentence, so of course, it didn’t do the title of this movie any favors.

When Lady And The Tramp was translated into another language, one fan was happy to point out that it became totally different. The title became “The Lady And The Bum,” which means something else entirely. Perhaps that could be the title of a parody of Lady And The Tramp.

7 Lady And Tramp Have Look-A-Likes

The cast of Lady And The Tramp really seem to fit their roles very well, but some social media users have been quick to point out that there are many other dogs out there that look very similar to the animated versions of Lady and Tramp.

But the dogs that were chosen are actually perfect for their parts, and their stories are very special. The cast of this live-action film includes many stray animals, which is one of the reasons why lots of people will probably check it out. After the movie was shot, each of the animals was adopted.

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6 The Food Isn't Always Needed

Since news broke about Disney creating a live-action version of everyone’s favorite canine love story, fans have been posting pictures of their dogs, and many of them look very similar to certain iconic scenes from the cartoon, such as the one where the two lead dogs are enjoying a plate of spaghetti and meatballs.

While this image might be missing the delicious food, it does feature a couple of beautiful dogs who appear to be rather fond of one another. Seeing pictures of cute dogs never gets old, and there certainly have been a lot of posts like this one recently.

5 Romance Is Thriving

Some people believe that romance has been dead for a while, but fans of this movie believe otherwise. They are actually right, since there are a few statistics that support the theory that it is still alive and well.

These days, people feel freer to date whomever they want to, and some of them are spending more money on Valentine’s Day than they did in the past, which suggests that chivalry is also alive as well. Another interesting fact is that divorce rates are dropping. This post is pretty humorous, but it seems like it is true as well.

4 Fans Are Curious About The Cast

Since Disney fans first learned about the live-action remake of Lady And The Tramp, they have been speculating about who would be playing which roles, and some of them have even tweeted their thoughts on the subject. The list of actors and actresses who have been cast in this film is not exactly disappointing since the movie is full of familiar voices.

The two lead characters are voiced by actor Justin Theroux and actress Tessa Thompson. A character named Trusty is voiced by actor Sam Elliott. Theroux is most known for appearing in Mulholland Drive, while Thompson is most known for appearing in Dear White People, as well as the Thor movies.

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3 Fans Wonder What Their Puppies Will Look Like

Fans have been imagining what it would be like if the two lead characters from this movie really had puppies. Sometimes people think about these things when their favorite celebrities start dating one another, but this is an odd thing to wonder about when it comes to dogs.

But that has not stopped anyone from coming up with some ideas, and it’s hard to blame them since Lady and Tramp are both very cute canines. Any puppy that belongs to those two animals is bound to be incredibly cute, so it’s kind of hard not to wonder what their children might look like if they existed.

2 It's Basically A Long Dog Video, And That's Totally Fine

Disney is basically getting their fans to pay to watch one long dog video, and that is totally okay. Almost everyone loves to watch videos with animals in them, and videos like that are actually good for people to watch.

Lots of people show their friends things like this, but what they don’t know is that by doing it, they are giving their friends’ brains a chemical boost. Watching animals do silly things is very rewarding for the human brain, so that means that anyone who watches this film will probably feel pretty great once it is over since it is full of cute dogs.

1 Fans Are Dressing Up As The Characters

Disney films have inspired lots of movie lovers around the world to create some really cool and unique cosplays, as well as other interesting artwork, and the live-action Lady And The Tramp is no different. Some of these looks have been humorous, while others have been simply amazing.

But on the other hand, some of them are also a bit strange, and this one looks like it is a mixture of all three of those things. Those who created this artwork don’t look exactly like the lead characters in the movie, but it is pretty clear that the person who did their makeup is very talented.

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