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Joker's Impressions - Hidden Batman Video Reveled!


Ta-daa! You've found my secret video! In my spare time I love to do impressions, here is my take on Steve Buscemi, Charlie Sheen and Doc Brown. We're coming to the end of Batman Month...when you see what I've been planning all along, you'll just die!


BATMENDABLES - The New Batman Movie Premise


Ben Affleck as Batman? Are you kidding? When the good people of Gotham find out who's playing their Caped Crusader, there's gonna be riots in the streets!!! Unless... Ben gets a little help from... Every. Other. Batman. Ever.


Elastigirl, Gambit, Elektra, and Hermione Granger Cosplay

Elastigirl Cosplay

Jessica LG is Elastigirl | Photos by Chris Gomez

Female Gambit Cosplay

Nadyasonika is Gambit | Photos by Andreas Schneider

Elektra Cosplay

Eve Beauregard is Elektra | Photo by WhatABigCamera

Hermione Granger Cosplay

A-Scudder is Hermione Granger


World 8 Video Game Store Tour


Norwood and David Dutton hit up one of their fav LA video game stores, World 8!They meet up with the owner Israel, and find a treasure trove of NES movie games and more!


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