Lady Gaga's A Star is Born Begins Filming; First Image Released

Judy Garland in A Star is Born

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have officially been filming their first project together, A Star is Born. Gaga is set to follow in the footsteps of two iconic singer/actors, with previous versions of A Star is Born having been headlined by Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand. Those movies were actually both remakes themselves, based on the 1937 Oscar-winning story written by William Wellman and starring Janet Gaynor and Frederic March.

All three films have focused on an up-and-coming female performer mentored by a fading male star, whose loss of fame and career has caused a self-destructive downward spiral. Originally intended for Clint Eastwood to direct and Beyoncé to star, the modern-day A Star is Born now features Bradley Cooper as director and lead, and Lady Gaga as the aspiring singing diva. Late last year the film was given a September 2018 release date, with filming expected to commence sometime in early 2017.

Today Lady Gaga released a photo on her Instagram, which you can see below, confirming that filming has begun on A Star is Born. Next to Gaga's nearly-unrecognizable image, the avant-garde Grammy winner's text enthuses about the upcoming project with Cooper:

"I am so excited to star in my first movie alongside someone I'm so lucky to call my friend. I always wanted to be an actress on the big screen. The story of "A Star is Born" is so special and I'm so grateful to Bradley for making my dream come true. Can't wait for you to meet Ally. She has her first scene in 5...."

Some fans will indeed be seeing Gaga as talented uknown Ally very soon, as she and Cooper's former country star Jackson Maine will also be shooting concert scenes at Coachella this week. Those in attendance may even get to hear some of the original songs that Gaga has composed for the film's soundtrack. The other big news from the start of filming is that, like many performers who have found fame under a stage name, Gaga will be appearing in her first film using her real name: Stefani Germanotta.

A fourth version of a 1930s film seems like well-worn ground not worth covering, but with the most recent remake debuting in 1976, it's possible this classic tale could inspire a whole new generation of fans. The combined star power of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga should draw plenty of interest on its own, and hopefully the transformed Ms. Germanotta's Golden-Globe-winning acting skills on TV will translate well to the big screen.

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Source: Lady Gaga, Deadline

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