Lady Bird is Rotten Tomatoes' Best Reviewed Movie Ever

Lady Bird is now the best reviewed movie of all-time on Rotten Tomatoes. The film was written and directed by independent film actress Greta Gerwig - who's known primarily for roles in movies such as Jackie and 20th Century Women, as well as Frances Ha and Mistress America - who has dabbled in writing and directing before, but Lady Bird, starring Saoirse Ronan as Christine 'Lady Bird' McPherson and Laurie Metcalf as Marion McPherson, is Gerwig's first major foray in the director's chair.

Gerwig is accustomed to promoting her films on the festival circuit and she showcased her latest project, Lady Bird, at various film festivals, such as Telluride, Toronto International Film Fest, and New York Film Fest, back in September, with A24 - arguably the most reliable studio when it comes to indie films nowadays - finally distributing the film theatrically on November 3, just in time for Oscar season to begin. And now, almost one month after Lady Bird officially hit theaters, it has garnered enough reviews to be labeled the best-reviewed movie ever on review aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes (read Screen Rant's review HERE).

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Lady Bird has garnered a 100 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes from 169 reviews (as of the time of this writing) - with the film's average rating being 8.9/10 - thus making it the best-reviewed movie of all-time on the website. The previous record holder was Pixar's Toy Story 2, which had a 100 percent score from 163 reviews when it hit theaters way back in 1999.

Toy Story 2

Lady Bird has achieved near universal acclaimed on Metacritic as well, earning a 94 score on the review aggregate website. What's interesting about that score compared to Rotten Tomatoes' is that Metacritic averages the score based on critics' actual ratings, not based on how many people liked or disliked the movie; therefore, its score may arguably be considered more accurate in terms of a film's quality.

Rotten Tomatoes doesn't review movies themselves, and they rely entirely on people searching for a film's Tomatometer score to determine whether or not they should see a movie or skip it. So, the powers-that-be at Rotten Tomatoes decided to entice their visitors to watch their new See It/Skip It show on Facebook by withholding Tomatometer scores for certain films and revealing them on their new program. While their new program may not jive well with moviegoers, it's something that may be here to stay - at least for the foreseeable future.

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Source: Rotten Tomatoes (via IndieWire)

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