19Michael Jackson and Sting could have been Jareth

Labyrinth - David Bowie as Jareth

A bigger contender was the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, who, by all accounts, dreamed of movie stardom.

One thing Jim Henson was adamant about was wanting to cast a big-time rock star in the role of Jareth the Goblin King. He needed someone with a commanding presence, a little mystery, and a great big sense of showmanship. In the '80s, there were a few rockers

who could fill that bill, and Henson considered most of them.

One of the top contenders was Sting, the lead singer of the Police. He had a bit of acting experience, and therefore seemed like a natural choice. Rod Stewart, Freddy Mercury of Queen, and even Prince were also on Henson's mind.

That said, the winner was David Bowie. The glam rocker had the qualities Henson decided he wanted, in just the right measure.

David Bowie and baby in Labyrinth
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