The latest round of video game rumors has the critically acclaimed neo-noir action-adventure title L.A. Noire slated for re-release on VR platforms and the Nintendo Switch. Originally released in 2011, the video game title was published by Rockstar Games and developed by the late Australian studio Team Bondi – which shuttered its doors shortly following the release of the aforementioned property. Despite becoming a quick best-seller around the world, the first game from Team Bondi was riddled with controversy, and led to the dissolution of the company – as well as its sister studio DepthAnalysis, which developed the award-winning 3D motion capture technology utilized in the making of the game.

In the intervening six years, L.A. Noire has gone down as the first video game to be shown at the Tribeca Film Festival, and is additionally among the more groundbreaking releases within the gaming industry from the past ten years. Unfortunately, allegations against Team Bondi that accused the former Australian studio of poor working conditions that led to approximately 100 names being misrepresented on the game’s final credits sullied any hopes of a followup –  though the latest word has the original title due for a remastered version.

According to well known Rockstar Twitter tipster Yan2295, the renowned publisher may be working on developing a remastered version of L.A. Noire that will makes its way to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch this summer – a rumor that was further attested to by fellow industry insider Direct-Feed Games. Check out the original Twitter posts below:

Furthermore, ComicBook has previously reported rumors that has L.A. Noire VR support and a first-person mode forthcoming from the powers that be at Rockstar, meaning that a presumed summer release of the remastered version will be a decided improvement over its last-gen predecessor in more ways than one. Team Bondi may be no more – in addition to its previously announced and under development Whore of the Orient action-adventure game – but L.A. Noire may very well be getting a second life soon.

Only time will tell whether or not the rumors of L.A. Noire coming to VR and the Nintendo Switch are true, but if they are then current-gen console owners will no doubt flip at the chance to revisit the modern classic Rockstar title if and when it makes its way back to store shelves in a shiny new package. In the mean time, here’s to hoping that an official announcement is on the way soon.

Source: Yan2295/Direct-Feed Games

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