La La Land Gets An Honest Trailer With a Surprise Twist

The Honest Trailer for Damien Chazelle's La La Land has a little surprise for viewers that will remind everyone of the Academy Awards mishap.

Ruan Gosling and Emma Stone in La La Land

Academy Award-winner La La Land has been given the Honest Trailer treatment. There is no denying the success of Damien Chazelle's film. The original movie musical made back more than 14 times its budget, won every Golden Globe it was nominated for, and tied with both Titanic and All About Eve for the most Academy Award nominations. The film's story is a simple and familiar one: A man and a woman with big dreams fall in love while perusing their goals. The movie was filmed in the style of the classic movie musicals of the past, but set in modern times.

La La Land has also gone down in movie history in another way, as one of the two films who were subject to the biggest mistake in the history of the Academy Awards. Presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were accidentally given a spare copy of the Best Actress card instead of Best Picture, causing Dunaway to announce La La Land as the big winner. The producers were well into their thank you speeches when the truth was revealed -- that Moonlight was the actual winner. A faux pas that the makers of Honest Trailers do not want the audience to forget.

Screen Junkies decided to use this video to poke at the confusion during the Academy Awards. The Honest Trailer seen above is actually for both La La Land and Moonlight, with the "correction" occurring a little more than halfway through the video.

89th Oscars Mess Up La La Land Moonlight

The Honest Trailer starts off by pointing out that director Chazelle's previous movie -- Whiplash -- also featured a jazz musician who ends up alone with his music. It also pokes fun at the fantasy elements of Los Angeles depicted in the film, such as the tourist attractions not being full of tourists. And main characters Mia and Sebastian are called out for how inconsiderate they are to other people, and how their portrayers -- Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling -- may not have been the best singers and dancers.

One thing Honest Trailers is known for is the parody lyrics they give to movie songs, so when they change La La Land ballad City of Stars to City of Cars it seems like the song parodies are just getting started. Instead, the narrator announces that there has been a huge mistake -- this is actually not the Honest Trailer for La La Land, but for Moonlight.

And so it is. With a touch of help from La La Land. Another song from the musical -- Another Day of Sun -- is changed to discuss the plot of Moonlight. After that, Honest Trailers does something a little bit different. One of the jokes in most trailers is that they rename the actors. This time -- due to there not being enough time for all the actors to be thanked during the Oscars because of the big flub -- they actually list all of the main cast's real names to honor them.

It's a funny little nod to how both Moonlight and La La Land will forever be linked together, due to how the 89th Academy Awards ended. Well played, Screen Junkies.

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Source: Screen Junkies

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