Star Wars: 16 Things That Make No Sense About Kylo Ren

Part of having a new Star Wars trilogy is having new heroes and villains. For the most part, this has been very successful: it was love at first sight when fans saw fresh new faces like Rey, Finn, and Poe Dameron. And opposing them was Kylo Ren, who managed to do the impossible: to be just as fascinating for a new generation as Darth Vader was for previous generations.

Kylo Ren works on a surprising number of levels. He is clearly meant to remind us of Darth Vader, but the movies go out of their way to provide reasons for his weird worship of Darth Vader, who turns out to actually be Kylo Ren's grandfather. Ren is also as realistic as a Star Wars villain can get, channeling our cultural fear of angry young men who turn their confusion into murderous rage.

For everything Disney did right with Kylo Ren, though, there are more than a few things that make no sense at all. This ranges from his obsession with Rey all the way to his insane fashion choices. Fortunately, you don't need to Force project across the galaxy to discover these things: just keep reading to find out 16 Things That Make No Sense About Kylo Ren!

16 His hair

When we first saw Kylo Ren under the mask, it was something of a shock. Who expected the new dark lord terrorizing the galaxy to be such a typical young man? However, it ultimately made sense: Kylo Ren is a much more modern face of evil that we can relate to, and he both looks and acts like an angry school shooter.

That pretty hair of his, though, makes absolutely no sense. Remember, up until Snoke makes him pout about it in The Last Jedi, Kylo Ren willingly spends most of his days walking around with that helmet on. Yet when he takes it off, it seems to have perfect volume and bounce. Maybe this is Sith magic... or maybe it's the real reason Disney sells Kylo Ren shampoo at your local supermarket!

15 His lightsaber

In many respects, Kylo Ren has deliberately fashioned himself after Darth Vader. This includes rocking his own intimidating red lightsaber. However, Kylo Ren's saber is different from any we have seen before, with elements that protrude from the sides as well as a main blade.

This makes pretty much zero sense. First, there's the obvious point that the bits on the side are very likely to wound or kill Kylo Ren. This seems doubly likely considering how often combatants use the Force to try to wrestle control of each other's lightsabers.

Nominally, the lightsaber is modeled after real world swords that are meant to protect the wielder's hands from other swords. However, they jut out from miniature sabers, so if a blade really were coming down, it would simply chop the mini saber off at the hilt instead of being stopped by it.

14 His scar

Kylo Ren is a scarred dude. He starts out with most of his scars on the inside due to his tormented past. However, his duel with Rey leaves him with a nasty scar. You'd think such a scar would become a major defining feature, but there's just one problem: it won't stay in one place!

Initially, Kylo Ren's scar from Force Awakens ran up the bridge of his nose. When trailers for The Last Jedi debuted, fans noticed that the scar seemed to have moved. Someone asked director Rian Johnson on Twitter about why the scar had moved. At first, Johnson claimed it had not, but after fans pressed him on it, he admitted he had adjusted the placement because it looked “goofy” on the big screen.

13 The battle with Luke

The climax to The Last Jedi was, of course, Luke Skywalker heroically facing down Kylo Ren. Skywalker essentially sacrificed himself by projecting his image via the Force all the way across the galaxy. He wa able to distract Kylo Ren by engaging in a mock duel, and Ren didn't know that Luke is a projection. Here's the thing, though: Kylo Ren had every reason to already know this!

First, Kylo Ren knows about the ability to project your body across the galaxy. Furthermore, he saw grey-haired Luke Skywalker while communicating with Rey, so the Luke projection with dark hair should have been a major flag. Finally, Luke is sporting his old lightsaber - the one that Kylo Ren helped destroy when he tried to take it from Rey. Kylo Ren's stupidity here is truly senseless.

12 No Armor?

Obviously, Kylo Ren has modeled his look after Darth Vader. This is why he has dark clothing, a scary mask, a red lightsaber, and so on. However, there is one way that he is very different form Vader: he wears simple cloth instead of battle armor. This is a stupid decision that has already cost him.

We know Vader's armor is tough. We've seen it help fend off everything from blaster shots to indirect lightsaber hits. Ren, however, seems to have skipped true armor entirely. We can see what a bad idea this was in The Force Awakens when Chewbacca's bowcaster bolt severely wounds Ren. Nonetheless, the angry young warrior continues to throw himself into dangerous situations while having all the protection of your local game master in his favorite cosplay cloak!

11 He idolizes Vader, who betrayed the dark side

Speaking of Kylo Ren's worship of Darth Vader: we all understand that this is insane, right? Ren seems to hold Vader as a special icon of evil, someone he turns to when he feels conflicted and drawn toward the light side of the Force. However, Vader was a conflicted man who ultimately joined the light side!

It would make sense if this was an aspect of Darth Vader that Snoke kept hidden from Kylo Ren. However, Ren spent a long time training with Luke Skywalker, so he should have known the entire story. Instead, Kylo Ren respects Vader as an abstract symbol of evil instead of as an actual person...which may make sense on a thematic level, but it makes zero sense on a character level.

10 Why Blame Luke?

The Last Jedi plays with the idea of character perspective when it comes to Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren falling out. Luke remembers briefly igniting his lightsaber in a moment of fear and then defending himself against Ren; meanwhile, Ren remembers Luke trying to kill him. Ultimately, Ren (and, subsequently, Rey) ends up blaming Luke for driving him to the dark side.

However, this is absurd. By this point, Kylo Ren has already been working with Snoke and is planning on betraying Luke and murdering Luke's students. In fact, this is what Luke is reacting to when he scans his pupil's mind. Therefore, while Luke's actions are definitely up for debate, the idea that Kylo Ren would not have otherwise joined Snoke is much too insane for anyone to believe.

9 He Can't "Let the Past Die"

Over the course of The Last Jedi, we get to know the mind and motivations of Kylo Ren. This pretty much boils down to his instantly-memed belief that Rey and others should “let the past die. Kill it if you have to.” He allegedly lives by this philosophy - except for when he doesn't.

This is mostly clearly seen when Kylo Ren finds himself unable to try to kill his mother, General Leia. In this instance, he is clearly unwilling to let the past die - except he was willing when he killed Han, and he urges Rey to betray Luke based on this same philosophy.

At the end of the day, Kylo Ren's big life philosophy seems like it came from an emo fortune cookie, and no one takes it less seriously than he does!

8 The Helmet

Kylo Ren's perfect hair is not the only thing that makes no sense about the helmet. Has anyone stopped to ask why he bothers to wear a helmet at all? Sure, it lets him do his daily Darth Vader cosplay homage, but it seems like the drawbacks would seriously outweigh the benefits.

Because he doesn't actually need it to live like Vader, the helmet is going to obscure Kylo Ren's vision pretty severely. Some might think that he could just see through the Force, but he notably keeps his helmet off when he first duels Rey. Finally, as The Last Jedi shows us, keeping the helmet off helps him do everything from fight to fly. The real question left is why he ever bothered wearing it at all!

7 Inconsistent Power Levels

It's true that the Force moves in mysterious ways. To this end, there's a lot of things that don't make sense where you can just wave your hands and say “it was the will of the Force.” Even with this conceit, though, Kylo Ren's power level makes no sense.

On one hand, he is powerful enough to lead First Order attack groups and terrorize the galaxy. On the other hand, he is weak enough to lose his fight with Rey. Then again, he's strong enough to outsmart and kill Snoke, the most powerful Sith; however, his senses are dull enough to be confused by Luke's projection parlor trick.

It seems like Kylo Ren becomes exactly as strong or as weak as the script needs him to be, which is really frustrating for those trying to keep up.

6 First Order Fanboy

Kylo Ren's “let the past die” thing doesn't hold up in another important way. In addition to his failure to kill Leia, he ends up talking a big game to Rey about leaving things like the Jedi and the Sith behind. The idea is clear: he feels he cannot grow as a person if he is tied down to the ideas and institutions of the past.

However, when Rey refuses, Kylo Ren immediately assumes control of the First Order and continues doing everything he was trying to do before he killed Snoke. It seems that, once more, Kylo Ren expects everyone else to live up to his made-up philosophy but is unable to apply those standards to himself. Ironically, this means that he is holding onto the past just as much as Luke Skywalker, someone he hates and ostensibly opposes.

5 Why Does He Want Luke's Lightsaber?

One element of the newest Star Wars trilogy that has been surprisingly important is Luke Skywalker's lightsaber. It seems like a special gateway to visions from The Force in The Force Awakens, for instance. However, Kylo Ren's desire to obtain this lightsaber is more than a little weird.

In The Force Awakens, he insists that Luke's lightsaber “belongs” to him. He tries to use the Force to snag the lightsaber in both that movie and in The Last Jedi. However, Kylo Ren also claims that he wants to reject and destroy the past. Therefore, he shouldn't want the lightsaber for any nostalgic purposes. And he doesn't need it as a back-up weapon as he knows how to build his own lightsabers whenever he wants.

Maybe he's also idolizing the lightsaber-stealing General Grievous in case this whole “Darth Vader worship” thing doesn't work out?

4 Why Fly?

In The Last Jedi, we see Kylo Ren take his Darth Vader worship to the next level and lead a squadron of starfighters as they chase down the Resistance forces. However, doing this is even more stupid and dangerous for Kylo Ren than it was for Darth Vader!

When Kylo Ren is attacking Resistance soldiers on the ground, his powerful Force abilities help to protect him. He can even stop blaster bolts with a wave of his hand! However, in space, he's just one starfighter blast away from floating in space. Even though he may survive in space for a limited time (we're looking at you, Leia), this is assuming that General Hux would bother to come rescue him.

You don't need to have the Force to guess the answer to that one!

3 Daddy Issues

The death of Han Solo remains the most shocking moment of the new Star Wars trilogy. The moment spawned years of fan discussions and even some fun fan theories about whether Han secretly killed himself. However, we still have no idea why Kylo Ren had beef with his father, even after all this time.

In The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren is dismissive of Han, telling Rey that Han would be a disappointment as a father figure. When Rey in The Last Jedi point-blank asks Kylo Ren why he hated his father enough to kill him, Kylo Ren coolly replies that he didn't hate his father. Therefore, two movies into a new trilogy, and we still have no real motivation for our main villain's most evil act!

2 Why Recruit Rey?

A major part of the drama in The Last Jedi came from the tension between Kylo Ren and Rey. She wholeheartedly believed that Kylo Ren could be redeemed to the light side. Meanwhile, Kylo Ren spent a lot of time and effort trying to get Rey to join him. However, he seemingly has no reason to do this!

The idea of two people taking on the galaxy is an old idea. In fact, it's a cornerstone idea of the Sith. However, Kylo Ren claims he wants to destroy all of the old ways, including the Sith. Therefore, why would he want someone like Rey by his side? She is the only one as strong as him, and between that and her Rebel sympathies, she would be an ongoing threat. Why not “let the past die” by just killing Rey?

1 What is Up With Those Pants?

The sight of a shirtless Kylo Ren became an instant internet meme. Fans gave him fun nicknames like “Ben Swolo”. However, some people's eyes wandered a little lower in this scene, and they couldn't stop staring at a really big surprise!

Get your mind out of the gutter, young Padawan. The surprise in question is Kylo Ren's pants! In the scene where he communicates shirtless with Rey, we can clearly see that he has hiked his pants up to a degree that would make Steve Urkel blush. In fact, this was so silly that it kicked off an online #KyloRenChallenge where fans posted pictures of their bare upper body... complete with pants hiked up to a completely comical height.

Seriously, with the fashionable blood of Han Solo and Luke and Leia Skywalker running through his veins, Kylo should know better.


What else doesn't make sense about Star Wars' Kylo Ren? Let us know in the comments!

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