WATCH: Stormi Jenner Dances to Travis Scott Song Over a Week After His Split with Kylie

In a video posted on his Instagram story, Travis Scott shows daughter Stormi dancing to one of his songs while Kylie Jenner laughs in the background.

Kylie Jenner and Stormi

Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kylie Jenner and newly announced ex Travis Scott seem to be on good terms. Although the pair announced their split a little over two weeks ago, Scott followed up the news with two videos on his Instagram story that showed the pair hanging out with their daughter, Stormi.

Jenner and Scott were first spotted together in April 2017 after a Coachella hangout quickly turned into a full-fledged relationship. Five short months later, outlets started to report that Scott and Jenner were expecting their first child. The pair didn't confirm the news themselves until February 2018, when Stormi was born. After that, the couple flaunted their relationship and their new baby all over social media, clearly showing their commitment to their budding family unit. Although the couple alluded to engagement and marriage numerous times over the course of their relationship, the happy facade took a hit when rumors emerged that Scott was cheating on Jenner in March of this year. Despite the negativity, all seemed to be well between the couple until early October, when they announced their breakup.

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While confirming the breakup rumors on Twitter, Jenner also stated that she and Scott were focused on raising their daughter together. Apparently, she wasn't lying. In a recent video posted on his Instagram story and documented by People, Scott filmed Stormi dancing to one of his songs. In the videos, Jenner can be heard in the background encouraging her daughter and laughing at her adorable moves. "Be careful baby, don't pause it!" Jenner says as Stormi starts to mess with the music app. Although neither Scott or Jenner appear in the video, it's obvious they're both spending time with their little girl.

Despite her breakup with Scott, Jenner has consistently addressed her desire to have more babies. Various Instagram posts over the course of their relationship directly asked Scott for a second baby. Even as recently as Friday, Jenner said in an Instagram Q&A that she can't wait to have more babies. Although she admitted it wasn't the right time for baby number two, Jenner's desire doesn't seem to have slowed following the breakup with Scott.

While the end of their relationship will certainly come with adjustments for the young couple, they seem to be on good terms. Their ability to spend time with each other will be crucial in successfully co-parenting their daughter. The Instagram videos seem to suggest that all is well between the pair, even if they're not as in love as they once were. Who knows? Maybe it's even a sign that Jenner and Scott aren't over just yet.

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